Food for Thought


Not All in Moderation…

There are some things that are only experienced on the extreme. There are some things that are all or nothing. Most of the time, some things that are new to us feel like they are extreme when, realistically, they are not. If we do not take chances that are within our rights to, we can miss out on true learning experiences. We would not gain as much wisdom.

Sure, there’s looking at someone else’s experiences and learning from them, but we would still miss out on a kind of passion, on a certain inner satisfaction, and would be un-prepared for change. Change happens, we need to be accepting of it.

How else can we learn how to take the right chances and make the right choices?

If we never go to extremes / take chances our lives would seem unfulfilled.
If we didn’t accept all or nothing, not only our endeavors, but our relationships would suffer, it would be like settling for less.
What Do you think?

– Sheryl Platzer-Sartin

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