Sleeping Weather

Wake to cloudy morning so dimly lit
A yawn, a stretch,
Move to edge of bed and sit

Hearing only one song of the bird
We have well come to know
The loud cawing song
Of the very large crow

The rain begins falling
And steady it flows
A squinting glance at the clock as disinterest grows

With life seeming distant, a scratch of the head
A yawn, a stretch,
A crawl back into the favorite part of the bed
Into the perfect pillow is buried the head

Adjust the covers just right
To self and gloomy morning
A whisper g’night

– Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®
Copyright © 2013

Writers Block


My blood runs colder
With every written word
For my creativity is somehow stifled
And the voice in my writing
Goes for now un heard
I get a real strong chill
When my soulful creativity
I cannot fulfill
My soulful creativity is like a contract to which I am bound
But now I find myself stifled
By those I am around
And food for soulful expression
Is getting harder to be found
Thus, my soul is not truly free
And its my soul that makes up almost all of me
This life really takes toll
When my soul doesn’t feel whole
I Just gotta keep this writers block
From weakening my souls clock

– Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin Copyright © 2008