Rocking Chair

This is something I wrote a long time ago, probably in 1994-1995. Those were the years that I really picked up on writing. I stopped for a while after 2000 then slowly got back into it again. I’m glad I did because I love writing and missed it.
Currently I am working on a new piece as my precious cats and dogs curl up and huddle around me and my Hubby D.J.’s some of our favorite Kitaro music for us.
I will call the Rocking Chair piece a slight prelude to the new piece. I’m not always glum with a sad outlook on life but we all are familliar to those times when we are in undesirable circumstances or tough times, and I usually can easily break out my draft notebook during these such times and this too keeps me of sound mind and from lack of faith and hope.
For me, writing is not only a creativoty, but a form of expression that comes from within and whats on the mind that needs to be set free. I hope you like this and the new piece, I hope to add the new piece by the 1-3-11. We’ll see! Happy New Year All!

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