My New Year

I rushed up the stairs
Heading for a closed-door
Of what my hopes and dreams were made of
And all that they stood for

Standing in a place that I had stood before
I did not feel the same
Suddenly I did not want to be there anymore
No one or thing could I blame

An old year gone a new year here
New light sheds upon me on a new day
A guiding light chases the shadows around me away
Time to get right with God and face the things I fear

Standing in a place that I had stood before
This time without fear
I took a step in a new direction and everything became so clear
This time my hopes and dreams are behind an open door

In this New Year
My year
I trust in the Lord
Not giving up but taking chances
That I can spiritually afford
Now in a new and better direction I steer

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin