Healing laughter sublime

To me, laughter, says playtime

Joyfully revealing and quite the appealing

is laughter to me

Just like dancing alive and so free

When there is no one around

To be watching me

Playtime for me is my free time to play

To me, laughing is better than having nothing to say

Time to play is when we dance our cares away

When it is time to play

Grey clouds clear away

As we dance in the sunlight

To be part of the light of day

Let us sing aloud and say

We are grateful for every new day

We must take time out to remember to play

Never letting our age get in the way

Playtime to me is my free time to play

I am not ashamed

To be happy enough to play

–          i-freebird  / Sheryl Platzer-Sartin ©2014