Glass Face Clown

Cracked Up Glass Face

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i’m a glass face clown
  i’m wearing a glass mask
Don’t care who’s behind it
 i just do
  Whatever the task

i’m a glass face clown
A token of beauty
With a face painted on
Of a frown
Worn upside down

i’m a glass face clown
 As long as i’m pretty
 Then i’m just a puppet
Do what you will
 While i just have to tough it

i’m a glass face clown
 You think i smile but really i frown
 i’m just wearing it upside down
 i’m just wearing it upside down

This shell, it is numb

No, i’m not really dumb

  i’m wearing this frown upside down

A glass mask that could shatter
But to you this doesn’t matter
 i’m here for you
Just to bruise and to batter

i’m a glass face clown
Wearing a frown upside down

Trapped for this while

Forced to be servile

While i’m wearing this frown upside down

You are fooled by this frown upside down

Do whatever your will
  i will just remain still 

In this mind and spirit

That you think bereft

They are not,
  The real me has left

In in mind I‘m still sound

And I warn you

One day

I will come around 

One day 

I will come around

 Then all of your dirty secrets

Will be out and then found

Your dirty secrets will haunt you

Even when you’re dead in the ground

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

Copyright © 2012

Chronic Illness

Red blood, blood red
I want the chronic illness inside me dead

It came upon me so unexpected
It’s cause unknown
Of  the possibilities, none rejected

Much a humbled life I’ve lived
Not much left to gain
I just wish for one day without pain

The fatigue and weakness of which I am bound
Is like a lost battle
A crying out without sound

Every night I pray and then I weep
For I lay to restless sleep

Though every day there is a cloud above
I live for the moment, the laughter, the love
For I know not how close I come 
To Heaven above

      Copyright © 2008  – Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin

Someone Murdered My Son on the Seventeenth Day

Someone murdered my Son on the 17th day

With plotting and planning he took his life

In a most vicious way


What’s going wrong out there today?

Sirens are sounding from every which way

What’s really going on out there today?

Now who’s world’s being turned upside down with dismay?

The church bells toll much louder now

In a more meaningful way


“Another life’s been taken today”

Is all the news starts out to say

The wrong judges are making judgments

On the wrong judgment day


If I said things didn’t affect me any different I would be lying

The birds’ songs often sound like crying

And this world’s madness has become more trying


Someone murdered my Son in September, on the 17th day

At least that’s when they found him

And pronounced him passed away

The premonition I dreamt of the awful day

Seems as though it is with me to stay

Because of this, to his murderer I say

The time is well past for you to pay

No, not revenge

Just the real judge judging you on your judgment day

Not a finger will I lift

This is more like a reckoning gift

With each word that I now write

You will never sleep good another night

For the darkness, like you made it his

Will forever be your plight

And somehow I have the feeling to say

My son’s isn’t the only life you’ve taken away

For this your demons will haunt you night and day

Every time you close your eyes

A pain and fear will cut deep

Dead or alive you’ll sew what you reaped


My heart and soul does scream holler and cry

To what replays over and again in my mind’s eye

And wakes me at night, in a cold sweat I shout out

Of the premonition I dreamt and could do nothing about

Someone murdered my son on the 17th day

All I can do is sit and wonder why

While I wish him away


To every Parent of murdered children or child I mean what I say

May God Bless you and keep you

Come what may

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

     © Copyright 2008

Aumikko Kaliel Morgan May 11, 1988 – Infinity
There were many miles between us
That never did keep us apart
For you and I were always close together at heart
In spirit we were bonded by our worded art
Even now you are not far away
For you are the stars at night
And in the brightest light of day
No matter what some may say
No one, no thing stands in the way of our Love
Especially now that you are with
The Mighty Lord above
You called me your Angel
And I called you mine
Well now we are only strengthened
Through our Lord Devine
And all the hearts you touched on earth
Now upon them you can shine
Forever Love,
Your Mother / Your Angel
Copyright © 2008

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin