Vicious Cycle

Her heart began to pound

When again she heard the sound

Of her mother’s voice screaming

All the kids sit awake

Staring at each other when

Said the youngest child to oldest brother

He’s hurting her again,

Are we just going to sit?

This way that way then the other

Now he has his gun and is chasing mother

The youngest child cries out

God please don’t let him kill our mother

In attempt to distract him

Outside runs brother

He rings the door bell

That did not work so well

This way that way then the other

He still has his gun

Now he’s going to get our brother

This is a vicious cycle

Over and over and over

The vicious cycle

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird

Break the viscous cycle of violence. Give someone a reason to feel they can escape because in most domestic abuse is kept hidden well due to fear and hopelessness. Take time to talk with someone. Dig deeper if you suspect something is wrong. NO MORE quick conversations or interviews at the door. The victim is more than likely too terrified to say something is wrong, especially if the abuser is around. NO MORE just ignore. NO MORE looking the other way. NO MORE saying she deserved it because because of her looks and the clothes she is wearing.
– i-freebird

Glass Face Clown

Cracked Up Glass Face

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

i’m a glass face clown
  i’m wearing a glass mask
Don’t care who’s behind it
 i just do
  Whatever the task

i’m a glass face clown
A token of beauty
With a face painted on
Of a frown
Worn upside down

i’m a glass face clown
 As long as i’m pretty
 Then i’m just a puppet
Do what you will
 While i just have to tough it

i’m a glass face clown
 You think i smile but really i frown
 i’m just wearing it upside down
 i’m just wearing it upside down

This shell, it is numb

No, i’m not really dumb

  i’m wearing this frown upside down

A glass mask that could shatter
But to you this doesn’t matter
 i’m here for you
Just to bruise and to batter

i’m a glass face clown
Wearing a frown upside down

Trapped for this while

Forced to be servile

While i’m wearing this frown upside down

You are fooled by this frown upside down

Do whatever your will
  i will just remain still 

In this mind and spirit

That you think bereft

They are not,
  The real me has left

In in mind I‘m still sound

And I warn you

One day

I will come around 

One day 

I will come around

 Then all of your dirty secrets

Will be out and then found

Your dirty secrets will haunt you

Even when you’re dead in the ground

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

Copyright © 2012