Happily Ever After

Darling if I were the Sea
I’d want you to be the river That flows to me
To keep this river from running dry
I’d be the rain that falls from the sky
This is one way of saying How hard I’d try
For happily ever after You and I

When I look Into your eyes I see
Happily ever after looking back at me
So I’m saying that for you I’d be
Everything I can be
For happily ever after’s in my destiny

I’ll be the garden from which you grow
Enchanted with my love for you
I’d make all your dreams come true
Baby there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
For happily ever after me and you

Whatever you give me
I’ll give you something more
For you baby my hearts an open door

If I had wings I’d fly for you
I’d capture every star in the sky for you
That’s how hard I’d try
For happily ever after you and I

Baby you mean so much to me
Your like an Angel I feel so Blessed you see
All my love vested in thee
Would open the doors to what would be
An everlasting ecstasy
Happily ever after
You and me 

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008


You say love is against your law
And to friendship I am restricted
Well there’s somethin’ I wanna confess to
I feel more than friendship for you
So if lovin’ you is a crime
Then I’m ready to be convicted
Put away on all counts of you
Is where I wanna be
So baby guilty is what I wanna plea
Then you can lock me up
But baby hold on to the key
’cause wasted time is somethin’
This love aint gonna be

You see

By the time my sentence is through
You’ll feel all my love for you 

 When you feel how it’s so right
very strong and true
You’ll have a change of heart and mind
And this law of yours
You’ll no longer stand behind
’cause you’ll feel the same way for me too.

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin Copyright ©2008 

Real Love

I lost me today
Don’t know where I went or if away is where I’ll stay

He took me from me
Broke me down then chased me away
Now my weaknesses are in my place
And it feels as if here they’ll stay

I’ve fallen prey to his every whim

Did I give me to him?
I’ve stuck with him thick or thin I’ve grown wise
I haven’t really lost me I’ve just learned to compromise

Did he too feel grim? As if he lost him
When he fell prey to my every whim?
I haven’t lost me I should have known
That together he and I have grown

Real love is like a roller coaster ride
With ups and downs from which you can’t hide
I am still me with more feeling inside

                       Copyright ©2008  Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin


When I look into your eyes
I can feel my spirit rise
There’s something about you
That’s like magic to me
Now I always crave
The erotic things you do to me

There’s not a night I don’t dream
Of us together in ecstasy
It’s so hard to ignore
This strong affinity
All yours is what I want to be

Look inside my heart
In it you’ll surely see
The desire for you
That burns within me
It’s like a caged bird
Waiting to be free
I hate to think you and I could never be

Take me in your arms
Set this desire free
And I’ll live up to the words
That you first said to me
The words…
“I’ll be good to you,” “if you’ll be good to me”

Copyright © 2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

You’re always in my heart and mind
For our souls are intertwined 

Silver and gold
Will be the paths that together we unfold
To have and to hold
Our love will never grow old

In this wonderous state
The two of us patiently wait
For the other to find the key
To what we’ll know as our destiny
For we are soul mates eternally

     Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin


Since Circumstance has taken you far from me
This heart would go any distance to be with you
This is because you were meant for me
Loves wings are made of the kind of feather
That can withstand the winds of any weather
Because of all true love
Loves wings have I
To soar me across this great big sky
Until again it brings together you and I
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
My soul would make any kind of journey
This is because I was meant for you
Because your love feels so right for me
My heart is like a ship at sea
Sailing on a wind with high velocity
To your love
For it is the harbor
At which this heart is supposed to be
Because of how much to me your love is worth
To be with you I would journey this entire earth
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
This heart would go any distance to be with you
This is because we were meant to be
Because I am filled with all this emotion
Like the albatross I would cross an entire ocean
To bring you this all true love devotion
Thinking back on the moments of you and I
I try not to but I have to cry
I cry a river now because I miss then
And may this river flow to a special place
Where we will be bound to meet again
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
My soul would make any kind of journey for you
This is because of my true love for thee
I’d even cross the great divide
To once again be by your side
Yes North South East or West
Until I’m back in your arms
My heart and soul won’t rest
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin ©2008

Sometimes I see

Sometimes I see you
Sometimes I see me
Sometimes I see we

In what is destine to be
Sometimes I see through

The words that you make do
Though I don’t want to
I see the opposite of what you say is true
Then sometimes I see you

And all the good that you can do

For you, for me, and everyone else too
I don’t even try to

But when I look at you I see through

You and anyone else who doesn’t reason with what’s true.

Sometimes I see sometimes I see

Sometimes I see me

I see the soul mates we are meant to be

Yeah sometimes I see through

Sometimes I see lies

So I look deeper for what’s true

And that’s when I see

Yeah, that’s when I see you

Inside and out you’re the one who

Is meant to face my destiny with me
Good and bad baby

Soul mates we will be

What am I to do
Sitting here staring at a picture of you
Wondering when the time will come to be 

That you’re sitting here holding me, oh baby
sometimes, yeah,

Sometimes I see

My world without you because

We both wanted to be free

And oh the picture is not so pretty

Sometimes I see how we both wish things would be

Sometimes I see

Sometimes I…


i-freebird – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2010

Why I Said I Do

I remember when I swore I’ d walk alone
Then along  came you
And our friendship grew
Into the love I’d never known
Your my best friend
Not one thing about you is pretend
The love I have for you will never end
Your loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do.
We been through many ups and downs together
We’re like two birds of a feather
With you theres no storm I can’t weather
This loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do
All my grey sky has turned blue
Because you show me how much I mean to you
Baby I will love you forever through and through
Our loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do to you
Your love for me
My love for you
Baby our loves a love that never dies
Because its not based on any lies
My loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do
I really love you
Thats why I said I do
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© 2010

Mend My Heart Asunder

Mend My Heart Asunder
Want some wind rain and rollin’ thunder
To help me mend this heart asunder
I’m callin’  rollin’ thunder wind and rain
To come and ease this soul in painYes I benefit from this kind of storm
For it delivers me from hardships of any form
Now I need this storm to get me through
The time I spend gettin’ over you

The thunder will act as my roar
Rollin’ from my inner core
With the power to restore
My heart to how it was before
The heavy wind will act as the rebirth
Of the love in me and all it’s worth
The pourin’ rain will make subside
The strong feelings of pain
That I could not hide
Yes the rain will wash away thoughts of you
And all memories of the changes you put me through

I feel my whole body gettin’ warm
For I see the coming of the storm
I feel the thunder Rollin through me
And all the power It’s givin’ to me
With the strong wind that now blows
Again the blood of my love flows
Now that the rain’s pourin’ from the sky
Never again will I wanna cry
For bad memories of you Have been erased
And the tracks of my tears cried
Cannot be traced

And when this storm is over and done
I’ll look up to see a rising sun
Symbolizing the resurrection of me
And that without you
Brighter days I’ll see

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008, 2010