To Wit the Wonder


But oh,

Do not those of us who are wise know?

We would rather not know of some things.

Some things we are better off not knowing.

Prey, tell?

What about those things we learn that we do not wonder of?

The realities of the prices paid without hope, faith, and Divine Love

What of the minds we do not want to read?

The un-righted wrongs, stories untold, and unheard songs

 What about the ugly premonitions that plant in our minds a seed?

There is only Divine plan in what we foresee

One answer

The resolve of that which be

What of all the unCouth from fed misperception and un-truth?

To wit to wonder

To wonder to wit

There are those times we wish we knew none of it

Although sometimes we may only pity thee

We will be the answer when it is time for us to be

–          Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin 

           Copyright © 2013

            i-freebird ®

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