Spirit Spelled Out


The letters in the word SPIRIT
I will use to tell the story
Of Divinity, me, and unbound spiritual glory…

There some are words that I  rhyme with  the S
They are to the one I will wish God bless
The one who is not afraid to see and let be
The beauty of this heart and soul inside me
A blessing that one will surely receive if in God they truly believe
Saying yes to the one whom I wish God bless
Is a way of showing gratefulness
Forever after with happiness


The P stands for the peace I have within me                                                     Dove
A peace that I want others to see
When In need of finding their own
For if we have no peace within
There will be no lasting peace
In this world we live in
And it’s high time true peace begin

                 The I Stands for me
A strong proud symbol of my dignity
Though there is only one color to my face
This I is the pride of more than one race
And this is why I am full of Grace
This I will always be
Strong, proud, and free

There was a time when I was near the end of my rope
With so many troubles I had almost given up hope
My inner light was weak and dim
So my outlook on life was really grim
When all alone in my darkest hour
A light shined on me with God’s divine power


I saw a ray of hope within this light
And knew everything would be all right
My dying spirit light did revive
Giving me me the strength and will to survive                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yes  to darkness I had been driven

            Until I saw the light  and realized something  else that I had been given
A faith for which I took a leap
Then learned my spirit was to keep
Along with all my reasons for living
So the R stands for the REVIVAL
That gave me the faith, strength, and will for survival

The second I
Stands for the gift of insight that I’ve been given
To make this life more easy living
It tells me who I can and cannot trust
For dealing only with the all true is a must
This I tells me of any bridges that I must burn
And warns me of directions in which I must not turn
If ever surrounded by darkness
There is one thing for sure I know
With this gift
In right directions I will always go

The T Stands for the gift of Three
All gifts of hope born of me
To this world so full of tragedy
That’s brought about by
The powers and prejudice that be
This gift of three born of me
With the love I have within
Because it’s time change begin
This gift of three So innocent and pure of heart
They are three chances at keeping this world from falling apart
Much tribulation I must endure
In order to teach them well and keep their hearts pure
Yes our children are the cure
For this world that is stricken by the madness
Of unrest, hate and too much sadness
Our children will learn from our mistakes
Then make this world a better place
For everyone’s sake
Especially our children’s
The changes they will bring we must not condemn
For this worlds future belongs to them

– Sheryl K. Sartin
Now i-freebird / Sheryl PS
© 1998-2014

Divine Light
Divine Light






Something to Believe In

Long ago, In Destruction

She went away


Time etched on as if keeping some score

Finally she came back, better than before

Not refreshed or renewed


Her strength increased

Her fear dissipated until deceased


Faith, hope, and Love

Her heart and soul now filled of

With this something to believe in

Absent her worries of this life – lose or win

She returned

All broken down bridges burned

From sorrows, hurts, and disappointments

Lessons learned


Yes, long ago she went away

Something to believe in

Brought her to return, unabashed

In original name today


i-freebird ®


–      Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2013

Photograph by Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird – All Rights Reserved ®

I the Old Tree

i-freebird ®

i-freebird ®

I continue on whatever path the Lord has chosen

I get somber and am only momentarily frozen

Then, the voice inside reminds me, fear not, worry not,

This is not all what God has  chosen

Sure, for a little while I look down at all the trials that surround me

When I look up to see the light of day

To the sky, the Heaven

There is an affirming voice that says, “I’m glad, that you found me.”

I rejoice

Patient are my leaves

I am steadfast

Ready for whatever surrounds me

I am

Like the old tree outside my window

In full bloom

Some of my branches bare, some broken

The earth, sun, and rain, all God’s creations

Nourish me

Fulfilled by the Lord, and God in Heaven above

Heavenly Angels and my family


I am steadfast and grounded

Grappling to live

I keep faith and grow another branch

A branch in a new direction of faith, and stillness in that faith

Hope is each new branch thereafter

Wind caresses my leaves, they dance

Another chance

Grow a new branch

My children, all grown, my longest branches

My grandchildren, my newest beautiful branches

All extensions of me

When their leaves fall to the ground

They are free to become each their own tree

Wherever that will be

Like Mother, I am happy with the beauty of Gods creations.

I absorb the sun and listen the songs of many different birds

Theyall perch around me

Like family

My Husband like the wise owl, watchful, caring, and discerning

On my right branch

The Angels, they whisper in the wind and dance

Within the clouds in the sky

Their messages take shape

Strong rooted in the earth

I am still

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2011 / i-freebird ®

Voice in the Thunder

So much taken

What is left are lessons known

From which this heart and soul have grown

Cultivated by the Creator God Divine

This heart and soul are his and not just mine

Illness is hard to cope

To God I pray and I gain hope

At random I lose my voice

Like my second Son, unexpectedly taken

My faith challenged by my feeling forsaken

Upon nature, God’s creation, I rely

To spread my spiritual wings

North, South, East, and West I fly

Within the Creator’s storm

Out loud I cry un-heard

Until the wind finds and carries my word

To the clouds, the Creator’s gift from his sky

White clouds turn black and gray for crying out loud

Like Jesus my tears are rain

By his Grace, Like his Father’s voice

My voice is in the thunder

By the Creator’s storm I’m content I do not worry, nor wonder if I am ever heard

i – freebird

My faith renewed  in his word

My voice is in the thunder

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011


Strength Within

We both know where to seek shelter
When cold winds blow
But this time
I’m much too tired to go

I know you know
What its like to be
Trapped in a place where you don’t wanna be
Down to your last feather
Trying to be free

We’re alike instinctively
Compared to others
We are quite distinguished
And we must never let ourselves be relinquished

I lay bare before thee
So you can clearly see
They’ve taken my last feather away from me

Sparrow Inner spirit of me
I am tired and cold
And I need you to rescue me
For right now
There’s only one place I feel I want to be
It’s where the wind is all I hear
And the sky is all I see
Sparrow my inner spirit
Rescue me

 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird

Copyright © 2008