Happily Ever After

Darling if I were the Sea
I’d want you to be the river That flows to me
To keep this river from running dry
I’d be the rain that falls from the sky
This is one way of saying How hard I’d try
For happily ever after You and I

When I look Into your eyes I see
Happily ever after looking back at me
So I’m saying that for you I’d be
Everything I can be
For happily ever after’s in my destiny

I’ll be the garden from which you grow
Enchanted with my love for you
I’d make all your dreams come true
Baby there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
For happily ever after me and you

Whatever you give me
I’ll give you something more
For you baby my hearts an open door

If I had wings I’d fly for you
I’d capture every star in the sky for you
That’s how hard I’d try
For happily ever after you and I

Baby you mean so much to me
Your like an Angel I feel so Blessed you see
All my love vested in thee
Would open the doors to what would be
An everlasting ecstasy
Happily ever after
You and me 

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008

She Is

She is like a reel
Forever un-winding
Powerful prose
To the one she hopes she’ll soon be finding
The one who’s like a book without a binding
The one who truly see’s her colorful spirit
And doesn’t find it blinding…

Only a fool would dare deceive or miss-rule
Who has been bestowed onto thee
As a powerful creative tool

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
   Copyright © 2008 


You say love is against your law
And to friendship I am restricted
Well there’s somethin’ I wanna confess to
I feel more than friendship for you
So if lovin’ you is a crime
Then I’m ready to be convicted
Put away on all counts of you
Is where I wanna be
So baby guilty is what I wanna plea
Then you can lock me up
But baby hold on to the key
’cause wasted time is somethin’
This love aint gonna be

You see

By the time my sentence is through
You’ll feel all my love for you 

 When you feel how it’s so right
very strong and true
You’ll have a change of heart and mind
And this law of yours
You’ll no longer stand behind
’cause you’ll feel the same way for me too.

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin Copyright ©2008 


I’ve made no promises in my life
’cause I’ve been given no guarantees
There’s barely any emotion in my life
Just a few devotions and used to be’s
It seems things are goin’ no where
So I’m feeling kind of lost
I’ve no one to run to
And my happiness its cost
I need a way to make amends
So once again I can smile
I’m just a cold and lonely me
With a misunderstood style
If it took a license to live happy
Then mine would be expired
’cause all I feel is tired
Tired of being misunderstood
How many times must I speak out
Only to go unheard?
How much longer must I feel 
It’s useless to utter a word?
How many more will look at me
And my face be all they see?
How many more will look deeper 
Sayin’ they wanna go through life 
 Lovin’ everything about me
Only to leave me standin’ here
Watchin’ them go on without me?
How many more will say
In me they believe
When in fact they really doubt me?
Do what I have to do
In order to see things through…
Normally I would
But too many times I’ve had to
And now I’m just too tired
Tired of being misunderstood.

Copyright  ©2008  – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Feelings Love and Friendship

I’m standin’ on the outside
And today’s a very windy day
‘Cause people’s phoniness and insincerities
Are really blowing me away
I really don’t know why
It’s with me they wanna pretend
‘Cause I know I never told them
That they have to be my friend
Now I’m sittin’ alone thinkin’
About their phoniness revealed today
And of how its time I tell them all
that My life is no play

My feelings are always true
‘Cause for me life’s too dear
And now I gotta make it clear
That I don’t wanna be bothered
By anyone phony or insincere

Workin’ hard night and day
To fulfill my dreams and let them pay
When from behind me calls a voice
A voice that I hear say
“go for what you know,”
“I’m behind you all the way!”
Inspiring words are always good to hear
But it makes me mad and kinda hurts
When I find out they’re insincere
And the real reason they’re behind me
Is ’cause its my name they wanna smear

Its phony people that make
Makin’ friends somethin’ to fear
‘Cause you know its in the wrong direction
They wanna make you steer

I’d rather my life
Come to a very lonely end
Than deal with all the antics
Of a phony or so-called friend

Feelings love and friendship
Thou shall not Pretend
‘Cause if they do
It’ll only haunt them in the end

Copyright ©2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin 

Spirit Spelled Out

The letters in this word spirit
I’ll use to tell the story
Of me and my un bound spiritual glory…

There are words I say that rhyme with S
They are ‘yes to the one I bless’
The one who’s not afraid
To see and let be
The beauty of what’s inside me
A blessing that one will surely receive
if in The All mighty they truly believe
Saying yes to the one I bless
Is my way of showing a gratefulness
Forever after with happiness

This P stands for the peace I have within me
A peace that I want others to see
When In need of finding their own
For if we have no peace within
There will be no lasting peace In this crazy world we live in
And its high time this peace begin

The I Stands for me
A strong proud symbol of my dignity
Though there is only one color to my face
This I is the pride of more than one race
And this is why I am full of Grace
This I Will always be
Strong, proud, and free

There was a time when I was near the end of my rope
With so many troubles I’d almost given up hope
My inner light was growing dim
So my outlook on life was really grim
When all alone in my darkest hour
Love’s light shined on me with all its power
I saw a ray of hope within this light
And knew everything would be all right
My dying spirit love did revive
The light gave me the strength and will to survive
Yes to darkness I was being driven
So along with the light’s love I was being given
I found a faith for which I took a leap
Then learned my spirit was still mine to keep
Along with all my reasons for livin’
So this R stands for REVIVAL
To celebrate the light and the love
That gave me the faith, strength, and will for survival

The second I
Stands for the gift of insight that I’ve been given
To make this life more easy livin’
It tells me who I can and cannot trust
For dealing only with the all true is a must
This I tells me of any bridges that I must burn
And shows me the right directions in which to turn
If ever surrounded by darkness
There’s one thing I know
With this gift and the others
Towards the light I’ll surely go

This T Stands for the gift of Three
A gift of hope Born of me
To this world that’s full of tragedy
That’s brought about by
The prejudice and hatred that be
This gift of three Born of me
Because of the love I have within
And because it’s time a change begin
This gift of three So innocent and pure of heart
They are three chances at keeping this world
From falling apart
Many a challenge I must endure
In order to teach them well
And keep their hearts pure
Because our children are the cure
For this world that is stricken by the madness
Of prejudice, hate, and too much sadness
We can teach our children from our mistakes
And make this world a better place
For all our sakes
Especially the children’s
It is our children we must not condemn
For this worlds future Belongs to them

Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

You’re always in my heart and mind
For our souls are intertwined 

Silver and gold
Will be the paths that together we unfold
To have and to hold
Our love will never grow old

In this wonderous state
The two of us patiently wait
For the other to find the key
To what we’ll know as our destiny
For we are soul mates eternally

     Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Her Song

There were those who listened for the beating of her heart
And found it was hard to hear it
Some said she was cold and empty
This didn’t bother her though
For if they knew and used the right touch they’d know
That through her heart something warm does flow
Her esoteric and powerful loving spirit

There were those who listened for the soul in her song
Some judged it soul-less but she still stayed strong
For with her power she knew
This came only from the lost who
Always listened heard and understood wrong
copyright © 2009 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin


Basking in the sun that’s shining into my porch 


Listening to the songbirds who have returned from their winter places


It’s like Heavenly Angelic song to my ears


Watching as the melting of the snow continues


With every drop glistening in the sun


 A once rigid winter now slowly, softly melts away.


Like I do


A small piece of me with every day


Slowly melting away


I was once strong too


Goodbye winter Hello Spring 


I welcome the change of seasons


With a wind of change that this time caresses me as I welcome it too




This Change 


I must accept it

And I do

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© Copyright 2009

Mend My Heart Asunder

Mend My Heart Asunder
Want some wind rain and rollin’ thunder
To help me mend this heart asunder
I’m callin’  rollin’ thunder wind and rain
To come and ease this soul in painYes I benefit from this kind of storm
For it delivers me from hardships of any form
Now I need this storm to get me through
The time I spend gettin’ over you

The thunder will act as my roar
Rollin’ from my inner core
With the power to restore
My heart to how it was before
The heavy wind will act as the rebirth
Of the love in me and all it’s worth
The pourin’ rain will make subside
The strong feelings of pain
That I could not hide
Yes the rain will wash away thoughts of you
And all memories of the changes you put me through

I feel my whole body gettin’ warm
For I see the coming of the storm
I feel the thunder Rollin through me
And all the power It’s givin’ to me
With the strong wind that now blows
Again the blood of my love flows
Now that the rain’s pourin’ from the sky
Never again will I wanna cry
For bad memories of you Have been erased
And the tracks of my tears cried
Cannot be traced

And when this storm is over and done
I’ll look up to see a rising sun
Symbolizing the resurrection of me
And that without you
Brighter days I’ll see

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008, 2010