Counting Feathers

Keep your eye on the sky
The sea-gull, the eagle, the hawk
You hear their squawk
I hear their cry
I keep my eye on the sky
The sparrow, the pigeon, the finch, the dove
They too are humble and filled with peace from above
They all come around but don’t stay for long
They leave behind a sign
A feather
A song
Keep your eye on the sky
I’m counting feathers
And I want to fly
Ever hear the song the white dove sings?
A calm and a comfort is what its song brings
I’m counting feathers to build an Angels wings
I keep my eye on the sky
I see the clouds dancing not just drifting by
They dance with the wind
Symbolizing the how, when, and why
I’m counting feathers for when I die

The whispers of wind
The cloud dresses the sky
i-freebird and I want to fly

That’s why

I’m counting feathers
From every bird that sings
I’m counting feathers
For when I’ve earned my wings

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© Copyright 2009