Good Graces and Glory


Good Graces of his Glory
Brings me life
Another day worth praising
Once again
Despite my anguish and loss
I am raising my head, my hand Shouting loud to all
I am here for a reason
Therefore I must make the best
Of every season
I must do some good
In the Lords name
Because when I cried
He came
Now any turmoil I face fearlessly
With faith
Is not the same
The Good Graces of his Glory
Gave me strength to face every day
I’m ready for
Whatever comes my way

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© 2012


I a Bird

I a Bird

Against turbulent winds many times I fly

Just pushing my way through

No safe landing

What have I gotten myself into?

Keep on, I must try

Through brut winds I prevail

Now on the wind my wings they sail

The wind it did subside

And with gentle breeze in peace and love I glide

With the Creator I find solid place to rest

The gentle wind carries my song

May my loved ones all be blessed

As for me

Now nothing can go wrong

 *For my Son Aumikko*

 –        Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin

© 2012