Sad but True

Lord, I pray

Please keep him away

Do not let him haunt me

With his insane obsessiveness today

Of his insanity denied

Well covered up

So easy for him to hide

One day they did come

They asked him some questions

He lied

How can it be for so many years?

His insanity undiscovered.

How can it be when beneath their noses all truth hovered?


Just who really draws that very fine line?

That line between right and wrong frame of mind


Before I lose my mind

From him I must get away

The nasty mess all of this

Trifling, stifling, abusiveness

Evil he is, just full of resentment and hate

Get away from the control freak before it is too late

Lord knows I have been through this once

This just cannot be my fate

All of his anger and venomous scorn

I would fight the evil type I had sworn

Blame it on his old age

It Is not an excuse

When others speak, he behaves rather obtusely

Then calls his wife names using foul words quite loosely


He will not hear the truth

So he pushed then he shoved

He laid his grimy hands on me

Knock him down hard is all I can think of


I am much better than this

I walk away while I pray

So he lived to see another day

 In his filthy cluttered bliss


While his wife slumps further

Into her raggedy, pissed chair

No decent clothes, no bathing, and tangled up hair

To just stare into space

As her mind slips slowly away

For her good things and strength I still pray

Snap her out of it I tried

But she is too afraid of his rule

To not by it abide

This is what happens when for years you let slide

The abuse of the abuser

Until all you want from this world is to hide

See that he be reported

I tried

The just came and walked through here as if to take it all into stride

He is old

So what can they do?

Is all they seemed to gesture?

As they hurried on through

Sad but true

They did nothing to help her

Would you?

 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

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    Copyright © 2013