Sands in the hourglass

Seem to fall so slow

Waiting for relaxation from a glass of Merlot, eventually it does overflow
Waiting for an understanding that does not ever show
Waiting for the night to take thee off to sleep

To sleep thee never goes

Waiting for the moment that’s right

Only to create another plight 

Waiting for the sun to rise up in clear or cloudy skies
Waiting for the answers to oh, so many why’s

The answers do come

not all at once but only some

Faith tells thee there are more answers to come 

Wait no more

For faith build’s the bridge

That leads thee to the right door

 A night without waiting
pray to the Lord the soul to keep

And then fall fast to sleep

Waiting is not always the thing to do

But many a time we have to

It is why patience is a virtue

When waiting for one’s return  

Or for something thee does yearn

Waiting is hard to endure

For time taunts

 Making waiting become something of the obscure


– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
Copyright © 2013