How can they all be
Such specialists at what they do
Paid so much for their training
Yet never really have a clue?
How can a vicious disease
Be a disease at all
When they don’t know how to treat it
And there’s so many sufferers with no where to call?
How can there be specialists
Who claim to know it all
About a disease’s symptoms that
When even the strangest ones
With their own eyes they saw?
Why is it that when one is dies from it
No one knows at all?
Is it really the secret in a vile, on that ship
That was never supposed to fall??

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2012

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Seriously Afflicted with Sarcoidosis
No known cause, not contagious,
no cure.
So soon they’ll probably tell me I have more than one disease when no one else related to me has been brought down to their knees by a very slow and vicious ravenous disease
One all the doctors and “specialists”
Try to down play as they please
And pharmaceutical gets richer with intentions no one sees…

My Rant for all of us sufferers of this ugly secret disease.

i-freebird ®

Sleep Awake

First stage

Don’t go to sleep to dream

They call it insomnia

Is it not survival mode?

Eyes open

Heart irrational tugging, rolling, pausing, and skipping beats

Breathlessness lulled by pain

Catch breath

Close eyes again

First stage

Pray to the Lord

Ask for relief,  all one can afford

First stage

Quiet but not silent

A thin layer of darkness

Vulnerable to interruption

Thoughts running through mind

Aware,  cancel them out

In search of  deeper first stage

First stage

Still here, this the only sleep

Not restless but tired

Pillow, like a barrier, then like a cradle

Blanket, a thin shield

Eyes closed

Trifle in and out of quiet but not silent awareness

Eyes open

Heart irrational, tugging, rolling, pausing, and skipping beats


Lulled by pain

Catch breath

Close eyes again

First stage

Morning greets, finds tired

Good that it is here

Eyes open

Trifle in and out of quiet but not silent awareness

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

       Copyright 2011

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Chronic Illness

Red blood, blood red
I want the chronic illness inside me dead

It came upon me so unexpected
It’s cause unknown
Of  the possibilities, none rejected

Much a humbled life I’ve lived
Not much left to gain
I just wish for one day without pain

The fatigue and weakness of which I am bound
Is like a lost battle
A crying out without sound

Every night I pray and then I weep
For I lay to restless sleep

Though every day there is a cloud above
I live for the moment, the laughter, the love
For I know not how close I come 
To Heaven above

      Copyright © 2008  – Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin