On April 14, 2011 the worlds oldest man died at the age of 114. His name, Walter Breuning.
That’s a long time live here.
CBS News quoted Mr. Breuning as advising all of us to embrace change even when it slaps us in the face,
(“Every change is good.”)
All we need is two meals a day, work as long as we can because we’re going to need the money, and to accept death. Never be afraid to die because we are born to die.

Reading @cbsnews: World’s oldest man dies in U.S. at 114 – CBSNews: http://bit.ly/fA1c2I

This brought me to thinking about the questions, what if I could live forever? Would I want to? Why? or why not?

I  decided that I would never want to live forever because I would have to endure regrets, sorrows of saying goodbye to friends and loved ones over, and over, and over again. I wouldn’t want to live forever because I would have more things that I wish I could forget. I would end up loving less, giving less, because there would be no one I know around me and I would meet new people, friends, acquaintances, but I would be the only one in my entire family who is still alive. I could have more children but what woman would want to give birth forever.

I wouldn’t want to live forever because I would wind up bored with no new roads left to travel, no new bridges to build, and nothing left to have as something I dream of. I would run out of goals, and I would have to accept death over and over again.

I would have to grieve over and over again unless I became a hermit and a recluse put together, never meeting new people because I would just have to say goodbye over and over, and I would never get to see and be in Heaven with the friends and loved ones I have already said goodbye to.

I would never want to live forever unless everyone else that was good did, and unless Heaven were here in earth.

So, I think that I have accepted death, sort of anyway.

Rest in peace Mr. Walter Breuning

– Sheryl P.S.

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