When I can’t find it
I go through the house and I clean

While I think to myself deep thoughts

Then I ask myself where it is that I’ve seen

My Muse

How do I find my muse?


I go through my day at my very own pace

I put off all that has no need

I take deeper breaths
so that my muse I feed

Remembering life is
no race


How do I find my muse?

All the weeks’ stresses I lose

When I find the perfect place to sit back and kick off my shoes

I shut out the world

I turn off the news

While in that moment

I write about whatever I choose

I write about happiness, love, or about the blues


How do I find my muse?

I listen to the music and each word for so long

I listen to nature,
and to how, on the breeze, the birds carry their song

Or I respect the silence

And how, when I need it

It can really be heard



Mum’s the word…


I become my spirit within

Then there it is


My Muse


Let the creativity begin


-Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin  © 2011


3 thoughts on “How Do I Find My Muse?

  1. You are such a gifted writer! I think one of the [impossible?] things I would have done if I could go invisible was to find someone like you and watch how such inspiration flows to you, and watch how you tap into it, and watch you turn it into such a mind blowing and soul catching scripts, then mark where you are so I could come and learn from you when I return to reality.

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