I am in awe at the day my Husband and I had on Friday, 4-2-2011.

The night before, for some strange reason neither of us could sleep. My Husband Dan tossed and turned and complained about something irritating his breathing. I was just awake as ever and just could not settle in to sleep so I worked on projects in my office. I finally did find a wink of sleep around 5 a.m. Saturday Morning.

When we woke up at 8 a.m. , we both had severe headaches and body aches, and nausea. I shrugged things off as the yuk going around and it has made it to our house. I never really get headaches just head pain on one side due to the inflammation and mass or lump that has been recently discovered in my head. I just took note of the severity of both of our headaches and looked forward to a follow-up visit with two of my doctors in the coming week.

For me, the body aches are nothing new due to sarcoidosis. I just pressed on to start my day taking care of our dogs and cats, then I planned to study. I try very hard not to worry myself with the condition I’m in and I vow not to give in to any of it with the help of our Lord of course.

My Husband Dan was down and out verbalizing about how awful he was feeling. When he was in the kitchen, he was drawn to the patio door. He looked outside and behold, there was the white dove that has paid us visits on our darkest of days each time we lost a loved one. He decided to turn off the furnace and keep the patio door open wide for fresh air after the dove flew away. I wondered to myself what we were about to encounter.

As the day progressed, so did Dan’s symptoms and both of our headaches were just pounding with movement. I told him that we should go out and get some fresh air. I had to press and press him to decide to leave the house and go to visit his parents.

My headache and nausea never ceased but I just silently took it like a secret battle because Dan was really carrying on about how terrible he was feeling while we were at his parents house. He finally reached the point where we decided to call 911 for an ambulance. Still ignoring my symptoms, I helped Dan try to deal with his after he vomited a few times.

Once the paramedics arrived, I described all the symptoms Dan was experiencing and felt compelled to mention that the both of us woke up with pounding headaches and fatigue nausea. The paramedic made me back track and explain all of it to him again. Then he was quick to decide to check us for carbon monoxide exposure.

Dan’s co level was reading a ten! Mine was reading lower, not too bad, but my head… I explained our day to the paramedic and was sure to clarify that we were at our parent’s house and had only been there about an hour before calling.

The paramedic advised us not to return to home without calling the fire department and having the house checked for carbon monoxide. I told him that for some reason, we had decided to open the patio door and back door for some fresh air before we left. I explained that we left the doors open for a while we got ready to leave. We had the dogs outside in the yard like usual so the house was aired out a bit anyways. we still followed the procedures for carbon monoxide in the home.

While on the oxygen, I began calling and texting my Sister Sonya and Daughter Kayla letting them know where we were, what was happening, and that we needed someone to get to our house get the dogs outside, and wait outside for the fire department to go in and check for carbon monoxide levels. Yes, that’s right, like usual when I am in the ER, (which occurs regularly for me), I never let go of my smart phone, my trusty link to my family, friends, and the world, (Facebook ;-).

So, as you would expect, they ended up treating the both of us at the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. We both had all the symptoms. The ER doc re-checked our co levels after a while of being on the oxygen. Both of our levels had dropped successfully.

Now, looking back on the fact that we were visited by the white dove, (again), how we were compelled to open the doors for fresh air, and how I pressured and pushed Dan for us to go visit his parents even though we felt like crap.  I’m used to pressing on when afflicted, Dan is not. It took some pleading to get him to want to go.

I began thanking and praising God for our being watched over by his Guardian Angel’s during the night and the day. We were just in awe when we sat back and discussed all that had happened, including that we were kept awake / couldn’t sleep the night before.

I told Dan and  my Sister Sonya that when I did sleep for a short time, I had a super weird dream. Both Sonya and Mom were in it. It was really weird but all I know is they were urging me stay awake when I felt like going home to bed instead of doing whatever we were doing trying to find the right outfits to go somewhere I was too tired to go. The main thing I remember clearly was the way my Mom and Sonya were insisting I didn’t go, or even take a rest or snooze wherever we were.

Dan said it was all so strange. However, he is grateful we did not go to sleep for long at all and that we did not go to sleep and not wake back up.

I said, “no,” ” it was not strange,” “it was all Devine Intervention…”  “Again.”  Yep, it is not the first time I have made it through close calls with this life of mine. It is now the fourth time for me.

Dan agreed as we ended this crazy day trying to figure out where and how we were subjected to carbon monoxide because when tested, there was no carbon monoxide found in the house. It was not the car, our garage is not attached to the house. Well, there you have it, Divine Intervention at it’s best.

What a long day our Saturday April 2, 2011 was.

Sonya explained that the Police pointed out that carbon monoxide rises, the pets were ok because they are lower to the floor that us.

Thanks Sonya, Paul, Michael/Dad, and Kayla for being there for us and acting fast.

–  Sheryl

2 thoughts on “Divine Intervention

  1. That just confirms the fact that He [the Holy Spirit] speaks but it takes sensitivity to really get the message He passes to us. That was divine intervention indeed.

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