Healing laughter sublime

To me, laughter, says playtime

Joyfully revealing and quite the appealing

is laughter to me

Just like dancing alive and so free

When there is no one around

To be watching me

Playtime for me is my free time to play

To me, laughing is better than having nothing to say

Time to play is when we dance our cares away

When it is time to play

Grey clouds clear away

As we dance in the sunlight

To be part of the light of day

Let us sing aloud and say

We are grateful for every new day

We must take time out to remember to play

Never letting our age get in the way

Playtime to me is my free time to play

I am not ashamed

To be happy enough to play

–          i-freebird  / Sheryl Platzer-Sartin ©2014

Something to Believe In

Long ago, In Destruction

She went away


Time etched on as if keeping some score

Finally she came back, better than before

Not refreshed or renewed


Her strength increased

Her fear dissipated until deceased


Faith, hope, and Love

Her heart and soul now filled of

With this something to believe in

Absent her worries of this life – lose or win

She returned

All broken down bridges burned

From sorrows, hurts, and disappointments

Lessons learned


Yes, long ago she went away

Something to believe in

Brought her to return, unabashed

In original name today


i-freebird ®


–      Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2013

Photograph by Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird – All Rights Reserved ®

Glass Face Clown

Cracked Up Glass Face

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

i’m a glass face clown
  i’m wearing a glass mask
Don’t care who’s behind it
 i just do
  Whatever the task

i’m a glass face clown
A token of beauty
With a face painted on
Of a frown
Worn upside down

i’m a glass face clown
 As long as i’m pretty
 Then i’m just a puppet
Do what you will
 While i just have to tough it

i’m a glass face clown
 You think i smile but really i frown
 i’m just wearing it upside down
 i’m just wearing it upside down

This shell, it is numb

No, i’m not really dumb

  i’m wearing this frown upside down

A glass mask that could shatter
But to you this doesn’t matter
 i’m here for you
Just to bruise and to batter

i’m a glass face clown
Wearing a frown upside down

Trapped for this while

Forced to be servile

While i’m wearing this frown upside down

You are fooled by this frown upside down

Do whatever your will
  i will just remain still 

In this mind and spirit

That you think bereft

They are not,
  The real me has left

In in mind I‘m still sound

And I warn you

One day

I will come around 

One day 

I will come around

 Then all of your dirty secrets

Will be out and then found

Your dirty secrets will haunt you

Even when you’re dead in the ground

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

Copyright © 2012

I a Bird

I a Bird

Against turbulent winds many times I fly

Just pushing my way through

No safe landing

What have I gotten myself into?

Keep on, I must try

Through brut winds I prevail

Now on the wind my wings they sail

The wind it did subside

And with gentle breeze in peace and love I glide

With the Creator I find solid place to rest

The gentle wind carries my song

May my loved ones all be blessed

As for me

Now nothing can go wrong

 *For my Son Aumikko*

 –        Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin

© 2012