The Candle She Burns

Burning Candle

No one knew just what  she felt

When every night before a candle she knelt

If anyone asked her why she would say

“Lone is the night,” “long is the day,”

“Just watch how slowly it melts away”

Hearing her words whomever asks then learns

That she looks upon the candle she burns

As a symbol of how for him she yearns

And the rapture she will feel when he returns

Now that her candle melts low and the flame gone to dim

She looks as though she is dying

Because inside she is crying for him

When the flame of her candle is harder to see

She looks to his picture and whispers softly

“In your arms is where I wanna be,”

“letting the magic of your every essence embellish me.”

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011


Guardian Angel’s Goodbye

I just came to say
That I got my wings today
Won’t be long before I’m gone to stay
In the place where I’ve earned my way

I’ll walk with you one more day
To be sure on your own you’ll do ok
I’ll stay with you one more night
To be sure on your own you feel all right

Remember me in your heart
And remember me in your mind
So when the rest of this world seems so unkind
Consolation you will always find
And you won’t ever feel that you’ve been left behind

Know that I don’t feel sad
I’m only very glad
That in you I did invest

And because of you I can finally fly
To the peace beyond the sky
So you don’t have to cry
When I say goodbye
  Copyright © 2006   Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

December Rain

Second week of December

It is forty degrees

This December it now rains

Thankful I still see

Whilst I look through these old windows

To watch December rain

Why must my ears ring so loudly?

They hear not the rain

My silence, there is no silence

Not hearing the rain

Falling like the tears from my eyes

So humble I have always walked

Softly now must I humbly step

My soul not so quiet

Like the angels’ voices on high

Talk softly to me, if you would

Do not hurt my ears

Some sounds I wish not to hear

My soul remains still

Still, my soul makes the joyful noise

i-freebird Sheryl PS

© 2015

No One is Listening

He doesn’t want to hear you
No one is listening anyway

Just shut up. Shut up now

Just like you heard him holler and say

No one is listening.

He will make up some lie anyway
Save your breath

 save a breath, tomorrow morning and go.

 do not let the lies hide the truth

Be lost not found 

uncouth abound

the scars and bruises, although hidden, will show
Every time that big mouth and fist came down with a blow

Its way past time for you to go

Why are you still here?

As if your life is something you owe

Maybe for once

Well, maybe not, no

Scars tell tales of woe 
Will someone finally know?

Yes, the bruises will show

No one will care, bud in they won’t dare

He will use his career against me

But it’s really an act

He will tell his lies as if they are matter of fact

How will you survive?

Like a bum on skid row?

Oh this fear and this shame

All wound up with his blame

No one will ever want you ya know

You’re battered and lame

He yells loud that it’s so

When he leaves the house with you in tow

He’s making sure you don’t tell a soul

His denial will just add to your damage

No one will listen to you though

For now just shut your mouth and lie low

No one is listening

Right next door

They hear your screams and cries and ignore

Just shut your mouth maybe tomorrow you go

It is because of you this happens

You deserved it, you are low

– Sheryl Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird  © 2014


Healing laughter sublime

To me, laughter, says playtime

Joyfully revealing and quite the appealing

is laughter to me

Just like dancing alive and so free

When there is no one around

To be watching me

Playtime for me is my free time to play

To me, laughing is better than having nothing to say

Time to play is when we dance our cares away

When it is time to play

Grey clouds clear away

As we dance in the sunlight

To be part of the light of day

Let us sing aloud and say

We are grateful for every new day

We must take time out to remember to play

Never letting our age get in the way

Playtime to me is my free time to play

I am not ashamed

To be happy enough to play

–          i-freebird  / Sheryl Platzer-Sartin ©2014

Please Stand By

If there ever came a time I’d be searching

Would you be there for me?

Please stand by

To some degree of difficulty

I have looked into the eyes of desire

Your eyes full of promise

A promise someone else made me

Please stand by


I know you don’t have to ask why

Oh, you made my heart an open door

Something I’ve only felt once before

No, I didn’t think I’d ever feel this feeling anymore

Okay, well I

I can’t really say for sure

That I will be with you someday

Even though I know in my heart I want to

I’m not sure it’s meant to be or to even say


Want you

Please stand by

Well, like an unexpected intrusion that has brought about much confusion

Well, I mean, hey

Someday, just not today

Maybe, I’m

Yours in another lifetime

How selfish of me to ask

Please stand by for me anyway?

i-freebird  ©2014

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Guardian Angel’s Goodbye

I just came to say

That I got my wings today

Won’t be long before I’m gone to stay

In the place where I’ve earned my way

I’ll walk with you one more day

To be sure on your own you’ll do ok

I’ll stay with you one more night

To be sure on your own you feel all righ 

Remember me in your heart

And remember me in your mind

So when the rest of this world seems so unkind

Consolation you will always find

And you won’t ever feel that you’ve been left behind

Know that I don’t feel sad

I’m only very glad

That in you I did invest

And because of you I can finally fly

To the peace beyond the sky

So you don’t have to cry

When I say goodbye


  Copyright © 2006 – 2013  Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

Something to Believe In

Long ago, In Destruction

She went away


Time etched on as if keeping some score

Finally she came back, better than before

Not refreshed or renewed


Her strength increased

Her fear dissipated until deceased


Faith, hope, and Love

Her heart and soul now filled of

With this something to believe in

Absent her worries of this life – lose or win

She returned

All broken down bridges burned

From sorrows, hurts, and disappointments

Lessons learned


Yes, long ago she went away

Something to believe in

Brought her to return, unabashed

In original name today


i-freebird ®


–      Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2013

Photograph by Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird – All Rights Reserved ®

Sad but True

Lord, I pray

Please keep him away

Do not let him haunt me

With his insane obsessiveness today

Of his insanity denied

Well covered up

So easy for him to hide

One day they did come

They asked him some questions

He lied

How can it be for so many years?

His insanity undiscovered.

How can it be when beneath their noses all truth hovered?


Just who really draws that very fine line?

That line between right and wrong frame of mind


Before I lose my mind

From him I must get away

The nasty mess all of this

Trifling, stifling, abusiveness

Evil he is, just full of resentment and hate

Get away from the control freak before it is too late

Lord knows I have been through this once

This just cannot be my fate

All of his anger and venomous scorn

I would fight the evil type I had sworn

Blame it on his old age

It Is not an excuse

When others speak, he behaves rather obtusely

Then calls his wife names using foul words quite loosely


He will not hear the truth

So he pushed then he shoved

He laid his grimy hands on me

Knock him down hard is all I can think of


I am much better than this

I walk away while I pray

So he lived to see another day

 In his filthy cluttered bliss


While his wife slumps further

Into her raggedy, pissed chair

No decent clothes, no bathing, and tangled up hair

To just stare into space

As her mind slips slowly away

For her good things and strength I still pray

Snap her out of it I tried

But she is too afraid of his rule

To not by it abide

This is what happens when for years you let slide

The abuse of the abuser

Until all you want from this world is to hide

See that he be reported

I tried

The just came and walked through here as if to take it all into stride

He is old

So what can they do?

Is all they seemed to gesture?

As they hurried on through

Sad but true

They did nothing to help her

Would you?

 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

i-freebird ®

    Copyright © 2013

Sleeping Weather

Wake to cloudy morning so dimly lit
A yawn, a stretch,
Move to edge of bed and sit

Hearing only one song of the bird
We have well come to know
The loud cawing song
Of the very large crow

The rain begins falling
And steady it flows
A squinting glance at the clock as disinterest grows

With life seeming distant, a scratch of the head
A yawn, a stretch,
A crawl back into the favorite part of the bed
Into the perfect pillow is buried the head

Adjust the covers just right
To self and gloomy morning
A whisper g’night

– Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®
Copyright © 2013

The Candle She Burns

Burning Candle

No one knew just what  she felt

When every night before a candle she knelt

If anyone asked her why she would say

“Lone is the night,” “long is the day,”

“Just watch how slowly it melts away”

Hearing her words whomever asks then learns

That she looks upon the candle she burns

As a symbol of how for him she yearns

And the rapture she will feel when he returns

Now that her candle melts low and the flame gone to dim

She looks as though she is dying

Because inside she is crying for him

When the flame of her candle is harder to see

She looks to his picture and whispers softly

“In your arms is where I wanna be,”

“letting the magic of your every essence embellish me.”

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011


The Perfect Storm


The calm before storm

Daybreak creeping slowly in

There is a hush in the morning creature’s chatter

In whispers, they prepare for just one special matter


Slowly rolls in

The perfect storm


Such beautiful sound the perfect storm brings

Soft quieter roles of thunder

Wind sound of wisp under wing

Remind of precious moments and things

Like flying

Even the Songbird still sings

Refresh reform in the perfect storm

I dance I dance and I dance, even sing

Receiving grace and understanding

From God in the heaven above

I am even renewed with more strength and more love

With each raindrop that blesses my head, my heart, my soul, and my face

I am reminded to take things at my own pace

And I become more thankful  towards heaven and grace

The perfect storm

 Some of us seek it, for some it is norm


–          Sheryl Kay Platzer-Sartin

      © Copyright 2013


How can they all be
Such specialists at what they do
Paid so much for their training
Yet never really have a clue?
How can a vicious disease
Be a disease at all
When they don’t know how to treat it
And there’s so many sufferers with no where to call?
How can there be specialists
Who claim to know it all
About a disease’s symptoms that
When even the strangest ones
With their own eyes they saw?
Why is it that when one is dies from it
No one knows at all?
Is it really the secret in a vile, on that ship
That was never supposed to fall??

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2012

i-freebird ®

Seriously Afflicted with Sarcoidosis
No known cause, not contagious,
no cure.
So soon they’ll probably tell me I have more than one disease when no one else related to me has been brought down to their knees by a very slow and vicious ravenous disease
One all the doctors and “specialists”
Try to down play as they please
And pharmaceutical gets richer with intentions no one sees…

My Rant for all of us sufferers of this ugly secret disease.

i-freebird ®

Good Graces and Glory


Good Graces of his Glory
Brings me life
Another day worth praising
Once again
Despite my anguish and loss
I am raising my head, my hand Shouting loud to all
I am here for a reason
Therefore I must make the best
Of every season
I must do some good
In the Lords name
Because when I cried
He came
Now any turmoil I face fearlessly
With faith
Is not the same
The Good Graces of his Glory
Gave me strength to face every day
I’m ready for
Whatever comes my way

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© 2012


Glass Face Clown

Cracked Up Glass Face

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

i’m a glass face clown
  i’m wearing a glass mask
Don’t care who’s behind it
 i just do
  Whatever the task

i’m a glass face clown
A token of beauty
With a face painted on
Of a frown
Worn upside down

i’m a glass face clown
 As long as i’m pretty
 Then i’m just a puppet
Do what you will
 While i just have to tough it

i’m a glass face clown
 You think i smile but really i frown
 i’m just wearing it upside down
 i’m just wearing it upside down

This shell, it is numb

No, i’m not really dumb

  i’m wearing this frown upside down

A glass mask that could shatter
But to you this doesn’t matter
 i’m here for you
Just to bruise and to batter

i’m a glass face clown
Wearing a frown upside down

Trapped for this while

Forced to be servile

While i’m wearing this frown upside down

You are fooled by this frown upside down

Do whatever your will
  i will just remain still 

In this mind and spirit

That you think bereft

They are not,
  The real me has left

In in mind I‘m still sound

And I warn you

One day

I will come around 

One day 

I will come around

 Then all of your dirty secrets

Will be out and then found

Your dirty secrets will haunt you

Even when you’re dead in the ground

LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by i-freebird

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

Copyright © 2012

Pretty No More

Pretty No More

A feeling so profound…
A look at him, through him, then around
Suddenly all meaning just falls to the ground

A new feeling even more profound…

Chills from every empty word
Believing his words, being there is… absurd
It’s all he really wants

Get out of there,
Just get out the door
Don’t you ever come back for more

Time passes until
Again he whispers your name
Like before
When you were still the same
Like a reckless weakling
You go back for the same

You think you got something special that will change things…

What does not matter
For a bird without wings?

Again and again you two do…
Until you feel like… Until he treats you like…
A worn out soul of his shoe
You ask why and what did you do?

Then you are left to cry and wonder
Why does he just sing?
The words that really cut
Oh the words really sting
“See what you get girl ?”
“For making haste of such thing.”

You don’t see two anymore
You only see you
While you run for the door
And suddenly you’re not so proud of the pretty face, those pretty looks anymore

You don’t think
You don’t see you
You look long in the mirror
And you don’t know at who

The story continues
Until you find a new you

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2012

Heart Song

You’ve got me in a bind

Mornin’, noon, and night I got you on my mind

From my mind its turning physical

That feels like somethin’ mystical

My heart starts racin’

And then it skips a beat

Like every time I hear your name

And it my lips repeat

I don’t know what to do

You on my mind

What a rush my body goes through

The second our eyes meet

I’m like a kid in a candy store who gets a real good treat

When I think of that moment when our lips are about to meet

My heart starts racin’

And then it skips a beat


The way I feel is true

I don’t know what I’m to do

You just make me feel like dancing

Baby I’m so crazy about you

Groovin’ on my mind

Time with you I gotta find

My heart starts racin’

And then it skips a beat

I’m dancin’ now and thinking up a feat

Then here you come along

You turn my thoughts into a poem

And then the poem into a song

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin


© 2012

My New Year

I rushed up the stairs
Heading for a closed-door
Of what my hopes and dreams were made of
And all that they stood for

Standing in a place that I had stood before
I did not feel the same
Suddenly I did not want to be there anymore
No one or thing could I blame

An old year gone a new year here
New light sheds upon me on a new day
A guiding light chases the shadows around me away
Time to get right with God and face the things I fear

Standing in a place that I had stood before
This time without fear
I took a step in a new direction and everything became so clear
This time my hopes and dreams are behind an open door

In this New Year
My year
I trust in the Lord
Not giving up but taking chances
That I can spiritually afford
Now in a new and better direction I steer

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

I the Old Tree

i-freebird ®

i-freebird ®

I continue on whatever path the Lord has chosen

I get somber and am only momentarily frozen

Then, the voice inside reminds me, fear not, worry not,

This is not all what God has  chosen

Sure, for a little while I look down at all the trials that surround me

When I look up to see the light of day

To the sky, the Heaven

There is an affirming voice that says, “I’m glad, that you found me.”

I rejoice

Patient are my leaves

I am steadfast

Ready for whatever surrounds me

I am

Like the old tree outside my window

In full bloom

Some of my branches bare, some broken

The earth, sun, and rain, all God’s creations

Nourish me

Fulfilled by the Lord, and God in Heaven above

Heavenly Angels and my family


I am steadfast and grounded

Grappling to live

I keep faith and grow another branch

A branch in a new direction of faith, and stillness in that faith

Hope is each new branch thereafter

Wind caresses my leaves, they dance

Another chance

Grow a new branch

My children, all grown, my longest branches

My grandchildren, my newest beautiful branches

All extensions of me

When their leaves fall to the ground

They are free to become each their own tree

Wherever that will be

Like Mother, I am happy with the beauty of Gods creations.

I absorb the sun and listen the songs of many different birds

Theyall perch around me

Like family

My Husband like the wise owl, watchful, caring, and discerning

On my right branch

The Angels, they whisper in the wind and dance

Within the clouds in the sky

Their messages take shape

Strong rooted in the earth

I am still

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2011 / i-freebird ®

Sleep Awake

First stage

Don’t go to sleep to dream

They call it insomnia

Is it not survival mode?

Eyes open

Heart irrational tugging, rolling, pausing, and skipping beats

Breathlessness lulled by pain

Catch breath

Close eyes again

First stage

Pray to the Lord

Ask for relief,  all one can afford

First stage

Quiet but not silent

A thin layer of darkness

Vulnerable to interruption

Thoughts running through mind

Aware,  cancel them out

In search of  deeper first stage

First stage

Still here, this the only sleep

Not restless but tired

Pillow, like a barrier, then like a cradle

Blanket, a thin shield

Eyes closed

Trifle in and out of quiet but not silent awareness

Eyes open

Heart irrational, tugging, rolling, pausing, and skipping beats


Lulled by pain

Catch breath

Close eyes again

First stage

Morning greets, finds tired

Good that it is here

Eyes open

Trifle in and out of quiet but not silent awareness

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

       Copyright 2011

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Sands in the hourglass

Seem to fall so slow

Waiting for relaxation from a glass of Merlot, eventually it does overflow
Waiting for an understanding that does not ever show
Waiting for the night to take thee off to sleep

To sleep thee never goes

Waiting for the moment that’s right

Only to create another plight 

Waiting for the sun to rise up in clear or cloudy skies
Waiting for the answers to oh, so many why’s

The answers do come

not all at once but only some

Faith tells thee there are more answers to come 

Wait no more

For faith build’s the bridge

That leads thee to the right door

 A night without waiting
pray to the Lord the soul to keep

And then fall fast to sleep

Waiting is not always the thing to do

But many a time we have to

It is why patience is a virtue

When waiting for one’s return  

Or for something thee does yearn

Waiting is hard to endure

For time taunts

 Making waiting become something of the obscure


– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
Copyright © 2013


Voice in the Thunder

So much taken

What is left are lessons known

From which this heart and soul have grown

Cultivated by the Creator God Divine

This heart and soul are his and not just mine

Illness is hard to cope

To God I pray and I gain hope

At random I lose my voice

Like my second Son, unexpectedly taken

My faith challenged by my feeling forsaken

Upon nature, God’s creation, I rely

To spread my spiritual wings

North, South, East, and West I fly

Within the Creator’s storm

Out loud I cry un-heard

Until the wind finds and carries my word

To the clouds, the Creator’s gift from his sky

White clouds turn black and gray for crying out loud

Like Jesus my tears are rain

By his Grace, Like his Father’s voice

My voice is in the thunder

By the Creator’s storm I’m content I do not worry, nor wonder if I am ever heard

i – freebird

My faith renewed  in his word

My voice is in the thunder

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011


All Rights Reserved

Such high expectation of you
A feeble moment

A knock at a door never answered
This I have come to expect

All Rights Reserved

In essence
I should have known
I just thought that I
Well I didn’t think it would hurt to try
I led myself to believe a lie
I guess I …
Mistook a reflection of you

How could I have misread a truth that has always been said?

Was it really so much to ask?

When it seems as though someone just might be nice, I will forever think twice

All Rights Reserved

I’ll never give a thought to such again, ever, at all

From here, where I am, the kindness that is humanism rarely comes to call

I should have known, now I know what to expect

All Rights Reserved

How typical, how genuine of you
Your act, your reflection
I should have seen through

Sad but true
Believe you of me, I’m sorry I ever asked a favor of-that I ever bothered…

A humble reminder to never be like you

For this, I have you to thank

All Rights Reserved

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2011

      i-freebird ®

My Favorite Way to Start the Day


My favorite way to start the day is to listen to the first bird’s song. This early bird sings alone at the crack of dawn until, with the time, grows more songs from more birds near and far.

I look to the window to watch the sun slowly rise with the sounds of each new song.

The clouds, I imagine they dance along.

I listen to each new melody drifting in and out like a melodious chorus of each birds beautiful song, all helping the morning along to awaken the world.

I listen as the birds’ songs grow, bird by bird, each song grows stronger, carried on by the morning breeze.

I see sun-kissed dew drops dance and glisten as I listen to the birds chorus turn to a symphony, then to an orchestra of diverse song each greeting the morning and it’s sunrise.

I wonder why we humans don’t communicate like all the different kinds of birds do.

I stretch a long full body stretch and aim to face the morning with a strong cup of coffee. I thank the Lord yet another day, for the beauty of nature.

I thank the Lord for the blessings in my life. I thank the Lord for the blessings of the joyous songs from the birds that I am attuned to like my Guardian Angels are, like all the Heavenly Angels are.

I greet the morning like the Angels do, I am happy to.

I breathe in the aroma of my bold coffee and take a soothing sip.

After this I can begin…

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2011

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Night Owl Calling

1:01 a.m the night is strangely still.

I lie awake listening to the song of the night owl calling outside my bedroom window

In repetition the night owl is calling, calling, calling
I have not heard my name
Yet I am not listening for it

Night… owl… Good… night owl

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

      © 2011

Silver and Gray

Long, strong silver and gray, gray and silver you come,
un-announced, for now, you are un-welcomed a flip, a toss, salt and pepper. A flip, a toss your buried, hidden, but not for long. Now there is almost no hiding your shimmer. Will you look good on me when stronger in number? Will it be decided that the every wire-like strand of you be camouflaged, disguised as the original until accepted, as distinguished, as a sign of wisdom? My long stare into a mirror, bowing and turning my head. You silver and gray, gray and silver are like a season that never ends. You are the winter, long and harsh, until the day you are, at last, accepted.

– Sheryl K. Platzer- Sartin  © 2011

Tomorrow and Today

As the day ends And I lay here in bed my mind wonders once again I think about things I did I think about things I said I think about things I seen I think about things tomorrow may bring

Will it bring joy? Will it bring anger? Will it bring pain? Will it bring sorrow? Or maybe I’ll lay in bed thinking again of tomorrow

What if tomorrow brought my end Then I wonder what things I’ll be thinking of then Will it be regret? Will it be content? Will it be something I forget?

And if I forget Was it important to figure it then? Or maybe I should think of something else instead?

Maybe of food Or maybe I’m full Maybe of fun Or maybe something dull

Maybe a tune or a sweet lullaby To put me to rest and ease my mind Maybe I’ll stop Maybe I’ll close my eyes Maybe I’ll stop thinking altogether At least till next time Maybe no next time Maybe this is just it As the day ends And I lay here in bed…

When I think of what tomorrow brings

Am I thinking of one too many things?

In a comfortable place my head I lay

I should be grateful for this

And the simple things anyway

If thinking of what tomorrow brings

Is thinking of one too many things

Then I shall think of what I did today

Did it matter, if not to me,

Then to someone else anyway?

Looking back on how this day had begun

Have I made a difference to anyone?

Well, I must have faith

And Remember to pray

And to thank the Lord for  my waking to face each new day

This I’m sure will start  tomorrows off right anyway

– By My Son, Auroiah B. Morgan, and me, Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

                                                                                                                      Copyright © 2011                                                                                                               

Sanity to Me

Sanity to me is
Bravery in the face of fear
Sanity to me is
Listening to your heart body and mind
When no one else will hear

Sanity to me is
Letting out and facing every tear if alone or if someone’s near

Sanity to me is knowing the last thoughts and feelings of a loved one unfairly taken from me and the rest of us here

Sanity to me is

Not sympathy
But is the understanding
It’s a finding commonality
A comrade in the tested strength  of trial and tribulation that others too are withstanding
Sanity to me is
Having something and someone good to believe in
No matter how much hurt trouble or burden on my shoulders I’m heavin’

My sanity is being a soldier by my own right and always fighting the see, speak, and hear no evil, the right fight

Sanity to me is
Having faith stand or fall
In God in Heaven and Heavenly Guardian Angels that come to call

Sanity to me is

Standing up for what I know is right
A knowing, a fighting for the truth
Even when standing falsely accused
Leaves me standing alone and it hurts just as bad as being physically, mentally, or emotionally abused

sanity to me is that natural found empathy
For others who struggle the same or worse as me
Sanity to me is
a random act of kindness an empathetic blindness to the what or the who

if nothing else in the moment I knew, that he or she needed that act of  kindness from me or who?

Sanity to me is
Writing and making my voice heard

And yet

its just as well Communicating without a word
Sanity to me is always visible in the eyes

Its taking a meditating moment to close them and pray or seek answers to all the whys

Sanity can feel like a burden sometimes and beating this feeling is better than going down with the evil that chimes

Sanity to many is staying sane
Through chronic illness, depression, emotional, and physical pain.

Sanity is knowing when to let it rain never giving up on your goals, dreams, and the things God’s good intentions gain

Then knowing when to start anew just by a tap on your shoulder, a heavenly whisper, the way the wind blows gently and the way the light shines on you

Sanity to me

Is a worthwhile talk for me, for someone, while taking a walk in the weather of choice that soothes anger and gives it voice

Even if I’m down and  have been for a while Sanity to me is a burst of  laughter and or a  subtle smile

Sanity is a loved one, just someone who understands,  or a friend that sticks with you when you need encouragement to go that needed extra mile

Sanity to many is being heard through an instrument and or the voice in a song and playing whenever somethings right or somethings wrong and the best part is the understanding when its heard and others sing along

–  Copyright Sheryl K. Platzer Sartin    2011

Colorful Me

I’m not into ethnic confusion

The question of my race is quite the intrusion

I’m not from their country club

I’m not from their tribes

A colorful harmony

Brings out the charm in me

I celebrate all of me

An un-sung song but not for very long

In numbers we’re strong

It’s troubling to be forced to choose

Only one part of me

While the other parts lose

I have to be all of me

That’s Gods spiritual call of me

I won’t be forlorn

For I stand up to the scorn and refuse to be torn

Between the colors that make the real me

Like the ocean with more than one shore

There’s no need to be anything less or more

Than the inside and out

Colorful one who stands out

With the beautiful face

Of more than one race

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2011

A Two-sided Song

It’s been five years

He’s been there
to lose him?
Like so many have lost theirs?
Don’t know what I’d do.
Son, come home
Oh Lord, let it be
That my son
Come home to his family
I pray, oh Lord, for the others
And the pain they feel
I pray for the mentally and physically wounded
That you Lord, light their darkness that is so real
Five years too long, I pray this war end
For it’s getting hard to remember what we defend
Yet, to every Soldier and Veteran,
A thank you I send
To Vietnam, I dare not compare
I just Pray, oh Lord, that we don’t have
Another sixteen years of what they had there
Myself, like many, will never forget
The fight, the struggle of every Vet
We are grateful to those, both lost and survived
I pray they have strength for every burden derived
Now our hearts are somber
For so many lives taken
Oh Lord, how can we not feel forsaken?
Bring them home
Son, come home
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
Copyright © 2008


Carry me away
On the spirit of the wind
I wanna get to the place I call serenity
When I get there I can forget
Anything that I regret
In serenity I’ll no longer shed sad tears
And I’ll be rid of all my fears
Serenity is where the rain
Can wash away pain
In every raindrop there is a power
It’s a soul cleansing shower
I’ll leave all my troubles behind
And in serenity I will find
Tranquility and peace of mind.
– Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin

          Copyright © 2008 

Happily Ever After

Darling if I were the Sea
I’d want you to be the river That flows to me
To keep this river from running dry
I’d be the rain that falls from the sky
This is one way of saying How hard I’d try
For happily ever after You and I

When I look Into your eyes I see
Happily ever after looking back at me
So I’m saying that for you I’d be
Everything I can be
For happily ever after’s in my destiny

I’ll be the garden from which you grow
Enchanted with my love for you
I’d make all your dreams come true
Baby there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
For happily ever after me and you

Whatever you give me
I’ll give you something more
For you baby my hearts an open door

If I had wings I’d fly for you
I’d capture every star in the sky for you
That’s how hard I’d try
For happily ever after you and I

Baby you mean so much to me
Your like an Angel I feel so Blessed you see
All my love vested in thee
Would open the doors to what would be
An everlasting ecstasy
Happily ever after
You and me 

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008


Though I’m sure of where I stand
I’m not sure of where I’m going
What I do know is
No matter how far I go
through out my journey I’ll encounter
A  high mountain or steep hill
No matter how hard either is to climb
No matter what I will.
For I know that on the other side
Stands a purpose I must fulfill
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird
© 2008 

Chronic Illness

Red blood, blood red
I want the chronic illness inside me dead

It came upon me so unexpected
It’s cause unknown
Of  the possibilities, none rejected

Much a humbled life I’ve lived
Not much left to gain
I just wish for one day without pain

The fatigue and weakness of which I am bound
Is like a lost battle
A crying out without sound

Every night I pray and then I weep
For I lay to restless sleep

Though every day there is a cloud above
I live for the moment, the laughter, the love
For I know not how close I come 
To Heaven above

      Copyright © 2008  – Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin

She Is

She is like a reel
Forever un-winding
Powerful prose
To the one she hopes she’ll soon be finding
The one who’s like a book without a binding
The one who truly see’s her colorful spirit
And doesn’t find it blinding…

Only a fool would dare deceive or miss-rule
Who has been bestowed onto thee
As a powerful creative tool

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
   Copyright © 2008 


You say love is against your law
And to friendship I am restricted
Well there’s somethin’ I wanna confess to
I feel more than friendship for you
So if lovin’ you is a crime
Then I’m ready to be convicted
Put away on all counts of you
Is where I wanna be
So baby guilty is what I wanna plea
Then you can lock me up
But baby hold on to the key
’cause wasted time is somethin’
This love aint gonna be

You see

By the time my sentence is through
You’ll feel all my love for you 

 When you feel how it’s so right
very strong and true
You’ll have a change of heart and mind
And this law of yours
You’ll no longer stand behind
’cause you’ll feel the same way for me too.

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin Copyright ©2008 

Writers Block


My blood runs colder
With every written word
For my creativity is somehow stifled
And the voice in my writing
Goes for now un heard
I get a real strong chill
When my soulful creativity
I cannot fulfill
My soulful creativity is like a contract to which I am bound
But now I find myself stifled
By those I am around
And food for soulful expression
Is getting harder to be found
Thus, my soul is not truly free
And its my soul that makes up almost all of me
This life really takes toll
When my soul doesn’t feel whole
I Just gotta keep this writers block
From weakening my souls clock

– Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin Copyright © 2008 



I’ve made no promises in my life
’cause I’ve been given no guarantees
There’s barely any emotion in my life
Just a few devotions and used to be’s
It seems things are goin’ no where
So I’m feeling kind of lost
I’ve no one to run to
And my happiness its cost
I need a way to make amends
So once again I can smile
I’m just a cold and lonely me
With a misunderstood style
If it took a license to live happy
Then mine would be expired
’cause all I feel is tired
Tired of being misunderstood
How many times must I speak out
Only to go unheard?
How much longer must I feel 
It’s useless to utter a word?
How many more will look at me
And my face be all they see?
How many more will look deeper 
Sayin’ they wanna go through life 
 Lovin’ everything about me
Only to leave me standin’ here
Watchin’ them go on without me?
How many more will say
In me they believe
When in fact they really doubt me?
Do what I have to do
In order to see things through…
Normally I would
But too many times I’ve had to
And now I’m just too tired
Tired of being misunderstood.

Copyright  ©2008  – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Real Love

I lost me today
Don’t know where I went or if away is where I’ll stay

He took me from me
Broke me down then chased me away
Now my weaknesses are in my place
And it feels as if here they’ll stay

I’ve fallen prey to his every whim

Did I give me to him?
I’ve stuck with him thick or thin I’ve grown wise
I haven’t really lost me I’ve just learned to compromise

Did he too feel grim? As if he lost him
When he fell prey to my every whim?
I haven’t lost me I should have known
That together he and I have grown

Real love is like a roller coaster ride
With ups and downs from which you can’t hide
I am still me with more feeling inside

                       Copyright ©2008  Sheryl K Platzer-Sartin

A Piece of Peace

A Piece Of  Peace
Our Heavenly Father
Has bestowed onto me
A peace that I want others to see
When in need of finding their own
For if we have no peace within
There will be no lasting peace
In this world we live in
And its high time true peace begin
For this world is getting colder
And it’s foundation’s wearing thin
Copyright ©2008 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Strength Within

We both know where to seek shelter
When cold winds blow
But this time
I’m much too tired to go

I know you know
What its like to be
Trapped in a place where you don’t wanna be
Down to your last feather
Trying to be free

We’re alike instinctively
Compared to others
We are quite distinguished
And we must never let ourselves be relinquished

I lay bare before thee
So you can clearly see
They’ve taken my last feather away from me

Sparrow Inner spirit of me
I am tired and cold
And I need you to rescue me
For right now
There’s only one place I feel I want to be
It’s where the wind is all I hear
And the sky is all I see
Sparrow my inner spirit
Rescue me

 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird

Copyright © 2008


When I look into your eyes
I can feel my spirit rise
There’s something about you
That’s like magic to me
Now I always crave
The erotic things you do to me

There’s not a night I don’t dream
Of us together in ecstasy
It’s so hard to ignore
This strong affinity
All yours is what I want to be

Look inside my heart
In it you’ll surely see
The desire for you
That burns within me
It’s like a caged bird
Waiting to be free
I hate to think you and I could never be

Take me in your arms
Set this desire free
And I’ll live up to the words
That you first said to me
The words…
“I’ll be good to you,” “if you’ll be good to me”

Copyright © 2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Feelings Love and Friendship

I’m standin’ on the outside
And today’s a very windy day
‘Cause people’s phoniness and insincerities
Are really blowing me away
I really don’t know why
It’s with me they wanna pretend
‘Cause I know I never told them
That they have to be my friend
Now I’m sittin’ alone thinkin’
About their phoniness revealed today
And of how its time I tell them all
that My life is no play

My feelings are always true
‘Cause for me life’s too dear
And now I gotta make it clear
That I don’t wanna be bothered
By anyone phony or insincere

Workin’ hard night and day
To fulfill my dreams and let them pay
When from behind me calls a voice
A voice that I hear say
“go for what you know,”
“I’m behind you all the way!”
Inspiring words are always good to hear
But it makes me mad and kinda hurts
When I find out they’re insincere
And the real reason they’re behind me
Is ’cause its my name they wanna smear

Its phony people that make
Makin’ friends somethin’ to fear
‘Cause you know its in the wrong direction
They wanna make you steer

I’d rather my life
Come to a very lonely end
Than deal with all the antics
Of a phony or so-called friend

Feelings love and friendship
Thou shall not Pretend
‘Cause if they do
It’ll only haunt them in the end

Copyright ©2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin 

Spirit Spelled Out

The letters in this word spirit
I’ll use to tell the story
Of me and my un bound spiritual glory…

There are words I say that rhyme with S
They are ‘yes to the one I bless’
The one who’s not afraid
To see and let be
The beauty of what’s inside me
A blessing that one will surely receive
if in The All mighty they truly believe
Saying yes to the one I bless
Is my way of showing a gratefulness
Forever after with happiness

This P stands for the peace I have within me
A peace that I want others to see
When In need of finding their own
For if we have no peace within
There will be no lasting peace In this crazy world we live in
And its high time this peace begin

The I Stands for me
A strong proud symbol of my dignity
Though there is only one color to my face
This I is the pride of more than one race
And this is why I am full of Grace
This I Will always be
Strong, proud, and free

There was a time when I was near the end of my rope
With so many troubles I’d almost given up hope
My inner light was growing dim
So my outlook on life was really grim
When all alone in my darkest hour
Love’s light shined on me with all its power
I saw a ray of hope within this light
And knew everything would be all right
My dying spirit love did revive
The light gave me the strength and will to survive
Yes to darkness I was being driven
So along with the light’s love I was being given
I found a faith for which I took a leap
Then learned my spirit was still mine to keep
Along with all my reasons for livin’
So this R stands for REVIVAL
To celebrate the light and the love
That gave me the faith, strength, and will for survival

The second I
Stands for the gift of insight that I’ve been given
To make this life more easy livin’
It tells me who I can and cannot trust
For dealing only with the all true is a must
This I tells me of any bridges that I must burn
And shows me the right directions in which to turn
If ever surrounded by darkness
There’s one thing I know
With this gift and the others
Towards the light I’ll surely go

This T Stands for the gift of Three
A gift of hope Born of me
To this world that’s full of tragedy
That’s brought about by
The prejudice and hatred that be
This gift of three Born of me
Because of the love I have within
And because it’s time a change begin
This gift of three So innocent and pure of heart
They are three chances at keeping this world
From falling apart
Many a challenge I must endure
In order to teach them well
And keep their hearts pure
Because our children are the cure
For this world that is stricken by the madness
Of prejudice, hate, and too much sadness
We can teach our children from our mistakes
And make this world a better place
For all our sakes
Especially the children’s
It is our children we must not condemn
For this worlds future Belongs to them

Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

You’re always in my heart and mind
For our souls are intertwined 

Silver and gold
Will be the paths that together we unfold
To have and to hold
Our love will never grow old

In this wonderous state
The two of us patiently wait
For the other to find the key
To what we’ll know as our destiny
For we are soul mates eternally

     Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Guardian Angel’s Goodbye

I just came to say
That I got my wings today
Won’t be long before I’m gone to stay
In the place where I’ve earned my way

I’ll walk with you one more day
To be sure on your own you’ll do ok
I’ll stay with you one more night
To be sure on your own you feel all right

Remember me in your heart
And remember me in your mind
So when the rest of this world seems so unkind
Consolation you will always find
And you won’t ever feel that you’ve been left behind

Know that I don’t feel sad
I’m only very glad
That in you I did invest

And because of you I can finally fly
To the peace beyond the sky
So you don’t have to cry
When I say goodbye
  Copyright © 2006   Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®


In my mind’s eye
I picture an uphill climb
Some downhill slides

A journey over a long winding bumpy road
With a mountain or two to climb

A Journey with barriers to break through
Old bridges to burn
And new bridges to build

A long journey
A journey with grace as my guide my teacher
My journey creating a new road 
A road on which I must leave my mark 
By carefully laying the tracks of my footsteps
Should my children choose to follow

   Copyright © 2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Her Song

There were those who listened for the beating of her heart
And found it was hard to hear it
Some said she was cold and empty
This didn’t bother her though
For if they knew and used the right touch they’d know
That through her heart something warm does flow
Her esoteric and powerful loving spirit

There were those who listened for the soul in her song
Some judged it soul-less but she still stayed strong
For with her power she knew
This came only from the lost who
Always listened heard and understood wrong
copyright © 2009 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Someone Murdered My Son on the Seventeenth Day

Someone murdered my Son on the 17th day

With plotting and planning he took his life

In a most vicious way


What’s going wrong out there today?

Sirens are sounding from every which way

What’s really going on out there today?

Now who’s world’s being turned upside down with dismay?

The church bells toll much louder now

In a more meaningful way


“Another life’s been taken today”

Is all the news starts out to say

The wrong judges are making judgments

On the wrong judgment day


If I said things didn’t affect me any different I would be lying

The birds’ songs often sound like crying

And this world’s madness has become more trying


Someone murdered my Son in September, on the 17th day

At least that’s when they found him

And pronounced him passed away

The premonition I dreamt of the awful day

Seems as though it is with me to stay

Because of this, to his murderer I say

The time is well past for you to pay

No, not revenge

Just the real judge judging you on your judgment day

Not a finger will I lift

This is more like a reckoning gift

With each word that I now write

You will never sleep good another night

For the darkness, like you made it his

Will forever be your plight

And somehow I have the feeling to say

My son’s isn’t the only life you’ve taken away

For this your demons will haunt you night and day

Every time you close your eyes

A pain and fear will cut deep

Dead or alive you’ll sew what you reaped


My heart and soul does scream holler and cry

To what replays over and again in my mind’s eye

And wakes me at night, in a cold sweat I shout out

Of the premonition I dreamt and could do nothing about

Someone murdered my son on the 17th day

All I can do is sit and wonder why

While I wish him away


To every Parent of murdered children or child I mean what I say

May God Bless you and keep you

Come what may

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

     © Copyright 2008

Aumikko Kaliel Morgan May 11, 1988 – Infinity
There were many miles between us
That never did keep us apart
For you and I were always close together at heart
In spirit we were bonded by our worded art
Even now you are not far away
For you are the stars at night
And in the brightest light of day
No matter what some may say
No one, no thing stands in the way of our Love
Especially now that you are with
The Mighty Lord above
You called me your Angel
And I called you mine
Well now we are only strengthened
Through our Lord Devine
And all the hearts you touched on earth
Now upon them you can shine
Forever Love,
Your Mother / Your Angel
Copyright © 2008

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin


Since Circumstance has taken you far from me
This heart would go any distance to be with you
This is because you were meant for me
Loves wings are made of the kind of feather
That can withstand the winds of any weather
Because of all true love
Loves wings have I
To soar me across this great big sky
Until again it brings together you and I
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
My soul would make any kind of journey
This is because I was meant for you
Because your love feels so right for me
My heart is like a ship at sea
Sailing on a wind with high velocity
To your love
For it is the harbor
At which this heart is supposed to be
Because of how much to me your love is worth
To be with you I would journey this entire earth
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
This heart would go any distance to be with you
This is because we were meant to be
Because I am filled with all this emotion
Like the albatross I would cross an entire ocean
To bring you this all true love devotion
Thinking back on the moments of you and I
I try not to but I have to cry
I cry a river now because I miss then
And may this river flow to a special place
Where we will be bound to meet again
Since circumstance has taken you far from me
My soul would make any kind of journey for you
This is because of my true love for thee
I’d even cross the great divide
To once again be by your side
Yes North South East or West
Until I’m back in your arms
My heart and soul won’t rest
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin ©2008


Basking in the sun that’s shining into my porch 


Listening to the songbirds who have returned from their winter places


It’s like Heavenly Angelic song to my ears


Watching as the melting of the snow continues


With every drop glistening in the sun


 A once rigid winter now slowly, softly melts away.


Like I do


A small piece of me with every day


Slowly melting away


I was once strong too


Goodbye winter Hello Spring 


I welcome the change of seasons


With a wind of change that this time caresses me as I welcome it too




This Change 


I must accept it

And I do

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© Copyright 2009

Restless Dream

I’m in the middle of nowhere

Trying to get to where I want to go

The roads are long and like a maze

The air and sky a haze

I feel like I’m going nowhere fast

I’m in the middle of nowhere

Trying to get to where I want to go

No one, nothing around

I call out

My voice

Its echo the only sound

My echo is haunting

Seemingly taunting “I told you so”

Whatever it is I don’t want to know

I’m in the middle of nowhere

Trying to get to where I want to go

Am I going nowhere fast?

How much time do I have?

How long will this last?

I’m in the middle of nowhere

With something I can’t get past

 – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin 

© 2009


I am so vital
I have less
I am humbled

 I am so vital 
Believe it or not I am there with you always

In your heart soul 
And  in your mind
I am so vital
To me
life’s meaning’s a recital

     I am so vital
        Like the beating of the heart
I am so vital
Like Heavenly light
I glow
 My vitality through you will flow

I am so vital
 So humbled
When I listen I really hear
 I really see through mine eyes
My understanding and empathy’s clear
I am so vital
For you I am here

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

 © Copyright 2009

Counting Feathers

Keep your eye on the sky
The sea-gull, the eagle, the hawk
You hear their squawk
I hear their cry
I keep my eye on the sky
The sparrow, the pigeon, the finch, the dove
They too are humble and filled with peace from above
They all come around but don’t stay for long
They leave behind a sign
A feather
A song
Keep your eye on the sky
I’m counting feathers
And I want to fly
Ever hear the song the white dove sings?
A calm and a comfort is what its song brings
I’m counting feathers to build an Angels wings
I keep my eye on the sky
I see the clouds dancing not just drifting by
They dance with the wind
Symbolizing the how, when, and why
I’m counting feathers for when I die

The whispers of wind
The cloud dresses the sky
i-freebird and I want to fly

That’s why

I’m counting feathers
From every bird that sings
I’m counting feathers
For when I’ve earned my wings

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© Copyright 2009

Glimmer of Light

A Glimmer of light

On wall a Shimmer

A Glimmer of light

Simmering candle of night

Guide through restless plight

All is well

Glimmer of light

Through Earth’s hell

Glimmer of light bright with God’s Love

Always reminding us what we’re made of

Angels guiding when push comes to shove

Glimmer of light shining bright

Is just like manifold insight

Into wrong and to right

Glimmer of light

The soul’s song

A Heavenly Angel

Strength against wrong

A Glimmer of light

Like a colorful spirit

Word in a song

Only blessed hear it

Glimmer of light to deserve

Path to purpose to serve

A Glimmer of light

On Shoulder a shimmer

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2012

Beside Myself

I know it sounds sort of crazy to say
Everything was going its usual way
Until I saw me beside myself today

Couldn’t have been double vision
Seems more like my spirit of me was trying to make a decision
Maybe I did or did not follow some guideline or provision

Some step I should or should not have taken
Maybe a sign of my having many times been forsaken
I am not for sure but either way

My spirit tried to leave or tell me something it had to say
All I know is I saw me beside myself today
I always trust my instinct and look to my heart and spirit  for a new start
 For the  heart spirit of me creates my atmosphere, mood and art

I gave my heart and soul to the Lord and the one I love
So I’m not taking care of me is the only answer I can think of

I saw me beside myself today
Its time to get in touch with my inner spirit in a big way

           – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird © 2010

With the Light I Am Still

I have seen the light


I have seen light at the end of this tunnel


A very long tunnel


I am still

In The Light 

I am


I am grateful to God for everyday

I am counting feathers

At the other end of this long tunnel

I will spread my wings and fly


Though darkness tries to overcome 

I am still


I am still in the light


I am


In the light I am still

I will keep moving on

I will fly

For God is the light I am


I will make my flight

No matter what my plight


– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin ©2010

The Wind


The winds are always changing, gentle or strong
Time changes with the wind
Moments grow more precious 
In my every dance with wind and time
Let them judge me
Let their misinterpretations keep them at bay
I know where I am going
I will remember they shunned me and turned their heads away
I will remember and forgive them anyway

The winds are always changing, gentle or strong
Time changes with the wind
Moments grow more precious 
In my every dance with wind and time

I hang no more onto broken arrows

This valley is long and dark
What ails me makes me weary
I am still inside myself
The winds outside me make me strong
Sadness and memories in my song
Only Heavenly Angels listen and sing along

I have become humbled
I choose to walk in a humble way
God’s will be that as it may

One child lost, another turns away
I hang no more onto broken arrows
The winds are always changing, gentle or strong
Time changes with the wind
Moments grow more precious 
In my every dance with wind and time
Instinctively I face the wind
One day I will be one with the earth and sky
The light
The sun
The sky
The rivers flowing
The wind
Will mirror me
I’ll spread my wings and fly
The winds are always changing, gentle or strong
Time changes with the wind
Moments grow more precious 
In my every dance with wind and time
Instinctively I face the wind
Let it carry me away

– Sheryl Platzer-Sartin
© 2010



Everything, everyone has a history
Roads get traveled
Bridges get crossed and some bridges burned
There’s always a road that leads back to somewhere
Many new bridges built and lessons learned

The winding roads I have traveled

New ground only spiritual truths found

Between closed doors and open doors I’ve been torn
Many a path I have worn
Forsaken feelings become gray clouds crying out loud
I tire of my ways
So many trying days

Spiritual belief and higher power relief
Tends my grief
I did not ask to be ill
I am inside myself and still
Hang on to strength and will
Upon me Heavenly Angels and Mercy spill

Everything, everyone has a history
Roads get traveled
Bridges get crossed and some bridges burned
There’s always a road that leads back to somewhere
Many new bridges built and lessons learned

The winding roads I have traveled

New ground only spiritual truths found

New roads paved my footsteps pound
Only God hears my footsteps sound
Angels all around
One door closed
At the open door I’m found
To be somebody’s Angel
I am bound

Everything, everyone has a history
Roads get traveled
Bridges get crossed and some bridges burned
There’s always a road that leads back to somewhere
Many new bridges built and lessons learned

The winding roads I have traveled

New ground only spiritual truths found

I am counting feathers
The Heavenly Angel I mirror
My fate no longer furor

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2010

Life’s Messages

  • You hurry through life

Believing that’s how everything goes

While you miss something more important

Sitting right under your nose

You worry what everyone thinks of you

Of what you have  and how much it grows

But you’re so busy trying to impress

That the real you never shows

Then one day something happens

A most critical event

That makes you stop and wonder

Where the time and real meaning went

In the presence of the unknown

You think your whole life has been blown

Its time to sit back and learn the lesson

Out of the event your being shown

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011

Rocking Chair

This world has caused me pain

So from it I refrain

And for now I will remain

Right here in my favorite rocking chair within my humble domain


This window is the perfect spot

For me in this rocking chair which is all I’ve got

To keep me in touch with my inner peace

Which is something at times this world does not

Seems lately I’ve been sitting here rocking quite a lot


I like to watch the rain

And listen to the sound of it as it hits the window pane

If the rhythm is nice and smooth

Then my soul it’ll surely soothe

While I’m sitting here

I pray for all who I hold dear

And think of ways to face this world

And All the things I fear


– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011

Sometimes I see

Sometimes I see you
Sometimes I see me
Sometimes I see we

In what is destine to be
Sometimes I see through

The words that you make do
Though I don’t want to
I see the opposite of what you say is true
Then sometimes I see you

And all the good that you can do

For you, for me, and everyone else too
I don’t even try to

But when I look at you I see through

You and anyone else who doesn’t reason with what’s true.

Sometimes I see sometimes I see

Sometimes I see me

I see the soul mates we are meant to be

Yeah sometimes I see through

Sometimes I see lies

So I look deeper for what’s true

And that’s when I see

Yeah, that’s when I see you

Inside and out you’re the one who

Is meant to face my destiny with me
Good and bad baby

Soul mates we will be

What am I to do
Sitting here staring at a picture of you
Wondering when the time will come to be 

That you’re sitting here holding me, oh baby
sometimes, yeah,

Sometimes I see

My world without you because

We both wanted to be free

And oh the picture is not so pretty

Sometimes I see how we both wish things would be

Sometimes I see

Sometimes I…


i-freebird – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2010

Blessed Wisdom

I am Blessed with the wisdom of the deeper meaning to life
It’s not about have and have not
Its not about the get to or not get to
Its all about the tried and true
Time won’t wait for me
Time waits for no one
And it won’t wait for you
Stand and be tested
Count only the good in which you have vested
And the wisdom of life will be vested in you
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
Copyright 2010

Why I Said I Do

I remember when I swore I’ d walk alone
Then along  came you
And our friendship grew
Into the love I’d never known
Your my best friend
Not one thing about you is pretend
The love I have for you will never end
Your loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do.
We been through many ups and downs together
We’re like two birds of a feather
With you theres no storm I can’t weather
This loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do
All my grey sky has turned blue
Because you show me how much I mean to you
Baby I will love you forever through and through
Our loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do to you
Your love for me
My love for you
Baby our loves a love that never dies
Because its not based on any lies
My loves been tried and found true
Thats why I said I do
I really love you
Thats why I said I do
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
© 2010

To Be

My mind, my spirit
My blood, my sweat, my tears
Versus My body and all it’s pain
Versus Systemic auto immune disease, Sarcoidosis
Versus neuropathy, weakness, versus unknown, versus so many symptoms
versus giving up…
To Be is
To tell about it is
To face it, is to cry, is to find peace of mind
To talk about it is
To  hear and find strength in my voice, in my spirit, is to endure, is to continue on my painful journey
To talk about it is
To continue to love, is to seek understanding, is to have growing compassion for others and their sufferings, and hardships
To write about it is
To  dare, is to look in the face of a serious stage disease
To write about it is
To grow braver and bolder
To read about it is
To continue to find strength to overcome even
When my hand, my eyes, my feet, my limbs, my spine, my bones, and my organs struggle
To think about it
is to meditate, is to pray, is to count my blessings, is to cherish life and it’s every moment
To be grateful for every new day
To push myself is
To fight off the darkness, to seek and find the light and to then find my way
To pray about it is
To recognize God’s Grace
To know God’s Glory
To talk about it, to write about it, to pray about it is
To tell my story
I scream out loud
I cry
I wonder why I…
I am inside out, i am still, i remain i
i-freebird and in humbled mind and spirit
i fly
– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin
Copyright 2010

Mend My Heart Asunder

Mend My Heart Asunder
Want some wind rain and rollin’ thunder
To help me mend this heart asunder
I’m callin’  rollin’ thunder wind and rain
To come and ease this soul in painYes I benefit from this kind of storm
For it delivers me from hardships of any form
Now I need this storm to get me through
The time I spend gettin’ over you

The thunder will act as my roar
Rollin’ from my inner core
With the power to restore
My heart to how it was before
The heavy wind will act as the rebirth
Of the love in me and all it’s worth
The pourin’ rain will make subside
The strong feelings of pain
That I could not hide
Yes the rain will wash away thoughts of you
And all memories of the changes you put me through

I feel my whole body gettin’ warm
For I see the coming of the storm
I feel the thunder Rollin through me
And all the power It’s givin’ to me
With the strong wind that now blows
Again the blood of my love flows
Now that the rain’s pourin’ from the sky
Never again will I wanna cry
For bad memories of you Have been erased
And the tracks of my tears cried
Cannot be traced

And when this storm is over and done
I’ll look up to see a rising sun
Symbolizing the resurrection of me
And that without you
Brighter days I’ll see

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2008, 2010

Count Your Blessings

My Daily grind … work, bills, medical bills, never enough money,  cost of perscriptions, and I’m still trying to achieve my goals.
I’m back in school to finish and further my criminal Justice degree.
It gets so hard some days, but I won’t give up, even if this is another sarcoidosis flare up in lungs and lymph nodes.
Gonna fight it as long as I can to try and stay down and get off the necessary evil, prednisone. Pray I can and that it won’t kill me.
Fighting off the fatigue and depression w/o more meds though and doing a good job of it.
I have the Lord & a lot of Guardian Angels, Mikko is one.
All the while I realize, there’s others with worse situations/problems than me.
Count your Blessings everyone.