Burning Candle

No one knew just what  she felt

When every night before a candle she knelt

If anyone asked her why she would say

“Lone is the night,” “long is the day,”

“Just watch how slowly it melts away”

Hearing her words whomever asks then learns

That she looks upon the candle she burns

As a symbol of how for him she yearns

And the rapture she will feel when he returns

Now that her candle melts low and the flame gone to dim

She looks as though she is dying

Because inside she is crying for him

When the flame of her candle is harder to see

She looks to his picture and whispers softly

“In your arms is where I wanna be,”

“letting the magic of your every essence embellish me.”

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2011


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