Hold up now

Please understand,

Though technology does,

Life does not work

For us on demand

I know where I have stood

I know where I still stand

I have stood for you

I still do

So please do not come hollering and waving a fist of that hand

You  ask what I’ve done for you?

For me what did you?

Wow, do not separate, relate

Please listen, understand, really hear  what I am trying to say

Fighting racism, hatred, fighting for our lives and fighting oppression

Don’t scream, shout, and blame

The result is no end to what is always the same

There is a better way

Stop heating the night and wasting the day

The day is yours

That’s right it’s your day

Get up and out there

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream

We would live the dream our way


Put down your waving fist and your sign

Be there for each other

Love and honor the Divine

The “powers” that be

Will not change and that’s fine

There’s no power if we do not give the power

Work hard

Prove them wrong

We are not what they think

We are not what they say

Work hard, persevere 

To learn and better yourself betters us 

We can learn laws and become judges

We can be the police and police a better way

Talk to each other

Preach and teach a better way

We can change the current justice

And then some

In so many ways


Through spoken word

Through music

Through writing

Through art

They can hear what we say

Work hard 

Live the dream

Support each other the best way we can

Do not do what they do and just do for you

And just turn away

Work hard 

Make another ladder to climb

To live better

A better way


Protest and shake a fist

Does not make them get the “jist”

It is not all we know how to do

Like they say

Sure use it some

But don’t forget to break away

Work hard for how you want to live 

They can not take that away

All of our dignity

All of our pride

Will never subside

By working hard

While hard we pray

Make a better living 

Do not just settle for what they are giving

Work for your foot

while you make your yard

Do not just tell them

Show them

Our lives will not be wasted

Our lives they can not discard



The protests back then

Have opened the door

For us to do better

And to do More 

Yes of everything, change the face

Make a difference

I will still stand

Let us stand together

Just not in one place


Love to you 


i-freebird Sheryl P-S



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