The Fall 

Wind whispers of Summer past

As if mocking a love that did not last

Bearing beautiful colors orange, crimson, and gold

The Fall

Like the other seasons 

To have but not to hold

Summer becomes a season scorned

The fall

The season when life is again forewarned

Do not take love for granted

From hot to warm

To chilly then cold

The Fall

Is preparation for a winter long and bold

All the trees leaves begin to die without fear

Beautifully coloring the inevitable

A passing change near

The Fall is a deception of Spring’s renewal
Like aging it is both beautiful and cruel

Though dead leaves lye beneath my feet

This season is the fall so bittersweet

Trickling streams 
All remnants of rivers once raging

At slow descent are illness and aging 

It is the Fall when morning dew turns to frost
When on hardening ground

Some memories are lost

The lasting held on to at all cost

A long goodbye to Spring and Summer missed
In the Fall, my fall

The body, not soul

By death is kissed

i-freebird Sheryl Platzer-Sartin 

© 2015





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