Where did all the birds go?

Not one bird singing

Outside my window


No small creature lingers

Not one creature grazes

Each one of them were gone

Hiding quiet and still

There was only a breeze

Whispering to the leaves

That danced on the branches

Of the glorious trees


Walking I look around

Not one soul did I see

No song of any bird

Different silence profound

When suddenly I stopped

Because I heard the sound

Of a very loud caw


I just stood still in awe

What a creature I saw

Such spirit, such beauty

Majesty of freedom

Sitting in the dead tree

One great big bird of pray

With beautiful feathers

Of white, yellow and brown

For some sort of reason

It seemed aglow today

What powerful moment it made

For I was surely not afraid


The very reason perched before me

Why the birds and small creatures

Hid away from around here

Being hunted they fear


In the way of balanced nature sustained

Today, in that moment

The bird of prey had refrained from its hunting

And up on the highest branch

In the dead tree it remained


It had just happened so, looking up

From right where still I stood

That my heart became brave

And my inner spirit felt good


All happened then for reason

For this life of my season

The great eagle did arrive

With message to stay courageous in that which I strive

Just for standing right there

I No longer I despair

I must no longer strife

To be brave in my battle

And ride life’s horse with no saddle

Until it’s time for me to learn

Why I had to battle

In this life for so long

And only heaven awaits me

Whilst this world finally listens to learn

My unread, unsung song


With message delivered

The eagle flew up fast

And disappeared in the sky



i-freebird Sher P-S

{Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin}

© 2015





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