Teeth clenching

Wrenching of gut, of mind

So no sleep do I find


The train in the distance

Putting up more resistance

To stopping the many thoughts

That race through my head

All this pain trying to

Make me wish I were dead

Never mind what I said

I pray

I can get out of bed


I know nothing else at all

I try pacing the floor

 I fall, I get up

Don’t want to move at all

Sometimes I just withdraw

Feeling alone in this

Must fight all the weakness

I must fight

Now, yesterday, tonight

Out to Jesus I call

Yet again I do fall

This time further from sleep


Reality defying

Relentlessly trying

The whole body, the mind


A very dark decent

When all your time is spent

Withdrawing from the world


Chronic with an illness

So much that I will miss

Pain meds that do not work

There’s nothing but bleakness

So then act like a jerk

Pain, just try to explain

It’s all over body

Then they think you’re “buzzerk”

Pain that is like you are

Rolling in shattered glass

Being pummeled to death

By heavy ice and snow


More like it rips through you

Just like the heavy wind

Of an f-4 tornado


Just fighting to survive

One does not let it show

Pain, chronic illness, pain

Such chronic, chronic pain

More than they want to know

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin, i-freebird

 © 2015

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