Two or more races
Beautiful complexions
Beautiful faces
How was there ever the one drop rule when there has always been more than one drop?
Go right ahead and scoff me
Too much cream in my coffee
Authentic blend American roast
Not quite accepted by most
Until it is time to be counted

After self I thought they were doneimage
With whimsical references and making fun
Like shattered mirror reflections
The unacceptance carried on to my children, each one

Taunted, complexion flaunted
For all of them, stand up and be counted


Once they are counted I do not count as one of them

That’s what they said

A new race is founded
We learned how each race wants to fight, even kill
While we stand solidified
More tolorence than ither race ever will
We the so called mixed up and confused
May just eliminate the need for the way race is used
We the New Americans, with every drop infused
Have grown stronger while at us they mused

© i-freebird Sheryl Platzer-Sartin 2015


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