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These days social decency is at an all time low. Partly due to what you point out with your question and mostly because some of the very freedoms Americans fought and died for have been stripped away from us. Regarding the all about money era, this part negates moral values and creates desperation, corruption and bad ethics. Also making way for deprivation. This happens due to the most part. The part that does not allow Americans to speak of of display religious beliefs. Some of the very beliefs that this country was built on. There is no more pledging to the American flag that stands for “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” All the hush hush of our religious beliefs, pride in our flag, or anything about spirituality was started in the effort to not offend anyone.
Making money, the American Dream is great, high esteemed and important. However, take that minus our spirituality, religious belief, and morals what have you? Something very wrong. A sort of recipe for disaster. We learn of and see disaster playing out all around us minus the media control and hype. So, if we are not allowed to talk about, display, or even hint of spirituality and religion in our schools and many public venues and work places what else is left to feed the heart and soul?
I hope this builds on some more discussion/comments for you.

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How can we expect social decency when business studies are taught over spiritual growth in schools?!

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