If there ever came a time I’d be searching

Would you be there for me?

Please stand by

To some degree of difficulty

I have looked into the eyes of desire

Your eyes full of promise

A promise someone else made me

Please stand by


I know you don’t have to ask why

Oh, you made my heart an open door

Something I’ve only felt once before

No, I didn’t think I’d ever feel this feeling anymore

Okay, well I

I can’t really say for sure

That I will be with you someday

Even though I know in my heart I want to

I’m not sure it’s meant to be or to even say


Want you

Please stand by

Well, like an unexpected intrusion that has brought about much confusion

Well, I mean, hey

Someday, just not today

Maybe, I’m

Yours in another lifetime

How selfish of me to ask

Please stand by for me anyway?

i-freebird  ©2014

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

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