I just came to say

That I got my wings today

Won’t be long before I’m gone to stay

In the place where I’ve earned my way

I’ll walk with you one more day

To be sure on your own you’ll do ok

I’ll stay with you one more night

To be sure on your own you feel all righ 

Remember me in your heart

And remember me in your mind

So when the rest of this world seems so unkind

Consolation you will always find

And you won’t ever feel that you’ve been left behind

Know that I don’t feel sad

I’m only very glad

That in you I did invest

And because of you I can finally fly

To the peace beyond the sky

So you don’t have to cry

When I say goodbye


  Copyright © 2006 – 2013  Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin / i-freebird ®

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