Pretty No More

A feeling so profound…
A look at him, through him, then around
Suddenly all meaning just falls to the ground

A new feeling even more profound…

Chills from every empty word
Believing his words, being there is… absurd
It’s all he really wants

Get out of there,
Just get out the door
Don’t you ever come back for more

Time passes until
Again he whispers your name
Like before
When you were still the same
Like a reckless weakling
You go back for the same

You think you got something special that will change things…

What does not matter
For a bird without wings?

Again and again you two do…
Until you feel like… Until he treats you like…
A worn out soul of his shoe
You ask why and what did you do?

Then you are left to cry and wonder
Why does he just sing?
The words that really cut
Oh the words really sting
“See what you get girl ?”
“For making haste of such thing.”

You don’t see two anymore
You only see you
While you run for the door
And suddenly you’re not so proud of the pretty face, those pretty looks anymore

You don’t think
You don’t see you
You look long in the mirror
And you don’t know at who

The story continues
Until you find a new you

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

© 2012

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