i-freebird ®

i-freebird ®

I continue on whatever path the Lord has chosen

I get somber and am only momentarily frozen

Then, the voice inside reminds me, fear not, worry not,

This is not all what God has  chosen

Sure, for a little while I look down at all the trials that surround me

When I look up to see the light of day

To the sky, the Heaven

There is an affirming voice that says, “I’m glad, that you found me.”

I rejoice

Patient are my leaves

I am steadfast

Ready for whatever surrounds me

I am

Like the old tree outside my window

In full bloom

Some of my branches bare, some broken

The earth, sun, and rain, all God’s creations

Nourish me

Fulfilled by the Lord, and God in Heaven above

Heavenly Angels and my family


I am steadfast and grounded

Grappling to live

I keep faith and grow another branch

A branch in a new direction of faith, and stillness in that faith

Hope is each new branch thereafter

Wind caresses my leaves, they dance

Another chance

Grow a new branch

My children, all grown, my longest branches

My grandchildren, my newest beautiful branches

All extensions of me

When their leaves fall to the ground

They are free to become each their own tree

Wherever that will be

Like Mother, I am happy with the beauty of Gods creations.

I absorb the sun and listen the songs of many different birds

Theyall perch around me

Like family

My Husband like the wise owl, watchful, caring, and discerning

On my right branch

The Angels, they whisper in the wind and dance

Within the clouds in the sky

Their messages take shape

Strong rooted in the earth

I am still

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2011 / i-freebird ®

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