Such high expectation of you
A feeble moment

A knock at a door never answered
This I have come to expect

All Rights Reserved

In essence
I should have known
I just thought that I
Well I didn’t think it would hurt to try
I led myself to believe a lie
I guess I …
Mistook a reflection of you

How could I have misread a truth that has always been said?

Was it really so much to ask?

When it seems as though someone just might be nice, I will forever think twice

All Rights Reserved

I’ll never give a thought to such again, ever, at all

From here, where I am, the kindness that is humanism rarely comes to call

I should have known, now I know what to expect

All Rights Reserved

How typical, how genuine of you
Your act, your reflection
I should have seen through

Sad but true
Believe you of me, I’m sorry I ever asked a favor of-that I ever bothered…

A humble reminder to never be like you

For this, I have you to thank

All Rights Reserved

– Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

Copyright © 2011

      i-freebird ®

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