I’m not into ethnic confusion

The question of my race is quite the intrusion

I’m not from their country club

I’m not from their tribes

A colorful harmony

Brings out the charm in me

I celebrate all of me

An un-sung song but not for very long

In numbers we’re strong

It’s troubling to be forced to choose

Only one part of me

While the other parts lose

I have to be all of me

That’s Gods spiritual call of me

I won’t be forlorn

For I stand up to the scorn and refuse to be torn

Between the colors that make the real me

Like the ocean with more than one shore

There’s no need to be anything less or more

Than the inside and out

Colorful one who stands out

With the beautiful face

Of more than one race

Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin © 2011

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