The letters in this word spirit
I’ll use to tell the story
Of me and my un bound spiritual glory…

There are words I say that rhyme with S
They are ‘yes to the one I bless’
The one who’s not afraid
To see and let be
The beauty of what’s inside me
A blessing that one will surely receive
if in The All mighty they truly believe
Saying yes to the one I bless
Is my way of showing a gratefulness
Forever after with happiness

This P stands for the peace I have within me
A peace that I want others to see
When In need of finding their own
For if we have no peace within
There will be no lasting peace In this crazy world we live in
And its high time this peace begin

The I Stands for me
A strong proud symbol of my dignity
Though there is only one color to my face
This I is the pride of more than one race
And this is why I am full of Grace
This I Will always be
Strong, proud, and free

There was a time when I was near the end of my rope
With so many troubles I’d almost given up hope
My inner light was growing dim
So my outlook on life was really grim
When all alone in my darkest hour
Love’s light shined on me with all its power
I saw a ray of hope within this light
And knew everything would be all right
My dying spirit love did revive
The light gave me the strength and will to survive
Yes to darkness I was being driven
So along with the light’s love I was being given
I found a faith for which I took a leap
Then learned my spirit was still mine to keep
Along with all my reasons for livin’
So this R stands for REVIVAL
To celebrate the light and the love
That gave me the faith, strength, and will for survival

The second I
Stands for the gift of insight that I’ve been given
To make this life more easy livin’
It tells me who I can and cannot trust
For dealing only with the all true is a must
This I tells me of any bridges that I must burn
And shows me the right directions in which to turn
If ever surrounded by darkness
There’s one thing I know
With this gift and the others
Towards the light I’ll surely go

This T Stands for the gift of Three
A gift of hope Born of me
To this world that’s full of tragedy
That’s brought about by
The prejudice and hatred that be
This gift of three Born of me
Because of the love I have within
And because it’s time a change begin
This gift of three So innocent and pure of heart
They are three chances at keeping this world
From falling apart
Many a challenge I must endure
In order to teach them well
And keep their hearts pure
Because our children are the cure
For this world that is stricken by the madness
Of prejudice, hate, and too much sadness
We can teach our children from our mistakes
And make this world a better place
For all our sakes
Especially the children’s
It is our children we must not condemn
For this worlds future Belongs to them

Copyright © 2007 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

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