I’ve made no promises in my life
’cause I’ve been given no guarantees
There’s barely any emotion in my life
Just a few devotions and used to be’s
It seems things are goin’ no where
So I’m feeling kind of lost
I’ve no one to run to
And my happiness its cost
I need a way to make amends
So once again I can smile
I’m just a cold and lonely me
With a misunderstood style
If it took a license to live happy
Then mine would be expired
’cause all I feel is tired
Tired of being misunderstood
How many times must I speak out
Only to go unheard?
How much longer must I feel 
It’s useless to utter a word?
How many more will look at me
And my face be all they see?
How many more will look deeper 
Sayin’ they wanna go through life 
 Lovin’ everything about me
Only to leave me standin’ here
Watchin’ them go on without me?
How many more will say
In me they believe
When in fact they really doubt me?
Do what I have to do
In order to see things through…
Normally I would
But too many times I’ve had to
And now I’m just too tired
Tired of being misunderstood.

Copyright  ©2008  – Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin

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