I’m standin’ on the outside
And today’s a very windy day
‘Cause people’s phoniness and insincerities
Are really blowing me away
I really don’t know why
It’s with me they wanna pretend
‘Cause I know I never told them
That they have to be my friend
Now I’m sittin’ alone thinkin’
About their phoniness revealed today
And of how its time I tell them all
that My life is no play

My feelings are always true
‘Cause for me life’s too dear
And now I gotta make it clear
That I don’t wanna be bothered
By anyone phony or insincere

Workin’ hard night and day
To fulfill my dreams and let them pay
When from behind me calls a voice
A voice that I hear say
“go for what you know,”
“I’m behind you all the way!”
Inspiring words are always good to hear
But it makes me mad and kinda hurts
When I find out they’re insincere
And the real reason they’re behind me
Is ’cause its my name they wanna smear

Its phony people that make
Makin’ friends somethin’ to fear
‘Cause you know its in the wrong direction
They wanna make you steer

I’d rather my life
Come to a very lonely end
Than deal with all the antics
Of a phony or so-called friend

Feelings love and friendship
Thou shall not Pretend
‘Cause if they do
It’ll only haunt them in the end

Copyright ©2008 Sheryl K. Platzer-Sartin 

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